Thursday, June 8, 2023

After the cobbles break, Coronation Street will update viewers on Carla Barlow.


Carla Barlow from Coronation Street makes a comeback in the episode airing on Wednesday (March 22), after deciding to take a vacation from the cobbles.

Last week, as a result of Stephen Reid’s devious plotting, Carla decided to remain in a mental health facility.

While Stephen was covertly adding LSD to the Underworld boss’ beverages, she struggled with severe side effects.

Carla began to think that her madness had resurfaced, as Stephen had prophesied. Once again, Stephen was the covert culprit when there was a little fire at her apartment caused by the oven being left on, but she ultimately made the decision to call for assistance.

In the episode airing on Wednesday, Peter visits Carla at the clinic.

Peter grudgingly informs his wife that the workers, who are also shareholders in the company, have voted to install Stephen in charge despite his efforts to keep her in the dark about recent events at the plant.

Even if the team has sworn to welcome Carla back when she eventually returns, this amounts to a vote of no confidence in her. How will Carla react to the information?

After sleazy businessman Rufus Donahue requested the American rights to the Nippersnapper line, Stephen is worried back at the workshop.

Rufus is using the damning information that Stephen spiked Carla’s drinks as leverage to advance his career in business.

Stephen, who feels helpless, obeys Rufus’ instructions and revokes the Nippersnapper pact with the United States.

Stephen then deceives his niece Sarah by telling her that the American clients abruptly backed out of the agreement, but by telling this falsehood, he might be playing with fire.


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