Thursday, September 28, 2023

Alex Moore’s wicked scheme is ultimately revealed by Emmerdale.


In the most recent episode of Emmerdale, Alex Moore’s nefarious scheme was finally exposed.

Since Alex’s relationship with Dawn Taylor has not always been smooth, the vicar Charles Anderson and his partner Manpreet Sharma have been wary of him.

The episode that aired on Tuesday, March 21, revealed that Alex had much more nefarious ideas in mind than courting Naomi, despite his apparent attempts to win Charles’s favor by joining the church outreach group.

On an unknown phone call, Alex persisted in acting suspiciously; afterwards, he told Naomi and Charles that he had been setting up a job interview.

This was proved to be a falsehood when Belle Dingle saw him giving money to a stranger outside the village. Alex went back to the pub and announced that his interview had gone well without realizing he was being observed.

After Belle told Naomi what she had seen, everything for Alex fell apart. Naomi first didn’t trust Belle, but she ultimately exposed Alex’s lies in the beer garden.

Alex concocted yet another short fabrication, claiming that since he first met Max’s father in prison, he had been providing financial assistance to Clare and her son Max.

He was able to convince Naomi with his fast explanation before slipping away for another covert meeting. This time, when he ran across Clare again, their relationship was revealed.

It comes out that Alex just got engaged with Naomi to gain access to the surgery so he and his criminal buddies could plunder it.

The audience is aware that Alex will attempt to rob the surgery later this week, but he will end up putting his life in danger due to a hit-and-run.


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