Thursday, September 28, 2023

British Soap Awards stars burst into laughter over awkward EastEnders blunder


Aaron Thiara was named the 2023 Villain of the Year at the British Soap Awards.
When reading the nominees for Villain of the Year, one host mispronounced the name of an EastEnders actor, leaving the audience at the British Soap Awards in fits of laughter.

Wilfred Webster, the Traitors winner, was invited to the stage to give the Best Villain award.

He entered the room wearing a green cloak and raised the hood to announce the nominees.

Al Chapman from Emmerdale (played by Michael Wildman) and Stephen Reid from Coronation Street (Todd Boyce) were among the nominees.

When reading out Aaron Thiara’s name, he made a mistake. Aaron portrays Ravi Gulati, a villain on EastEnders.

The entire EastEnders cast broke out in fits of laughter when he mispronounced Aaron’s name as “A-ron.”

ITV viewers who were watching the ceremony on Tuesday night weren’t blind to the blip.

“#SoapAwards2023 A Ron?” quipped Ant Gil. I believe you mean Aaron.

I’m sorry who? AJH continued. Dave responded, “A-ron? #BritishSoapAwards,” to Ron’s tweet. Aaron, is it not the 2023 British SOPA Awards?

By the time Wilfred announced the winner, he correctly pronounced Aaron.

Aaron’s victory was enthusiastically received by EastEnders viewers. Iona tweeted: “Aaron Thiara is so well spoken what a lovely speech #BritishSoapAwards2023.”

Congratulations to Aaron Thiara on winning the Villain of the Year award, wrote Shane Fitzpatrick. #EastEnders.”

Carol Ann said, “Congratulations, he is a great villain.”
Aaron’s persona The newest antagonist of the soap opera, Ravi, arrived in Walford last summer.

Aaron said about his character’s bad behavior on This Morning last month: “He feels pain and so wants to make the world feel his pain.”
On the BBC soap, the actor teased Ravi that he “makes more enemies” and emphasized that there are “a lot more enemies to be made.”


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