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Claire Sweeney unrecognisable as she plays heroin addict in Coronation Street role


Fans were astounded to see Claire Sweeney in her new Coronation Street role because she looked so different from her Brookside days.

As she is ready to make her Coronation Street debut as Tyrone Dobbs’ (Alan Halsall) mum later this month, Claire Sweeney was spotted looking unkempt.

Fans were shocked by Claire’s drastically different appearance as she appeared worlds away in the character of the heroin addict. Cassie Plummer, who was thought to have passed away years ago, will soon arrive on the cobblestones.

The former Brookside legend discussed her new job while stating that she hadn’t had a “massive part” in a while.

In a statement to The Sun, she said, “I’ve spent the last few years doing littles bits — a little bit on Benidorm, Scarborough, a drama I filmed last year, not massive parts, but wanting to get back and do some really great acting.”

She continued, telling the magazine: “I never dreamed Corrie. I’ve been given a chance by Iain Macleod, the executive producer of Corrie.

“All it takes is one person to have faith in you and tell you that you can succeed. She deserves a chance. And for that, I’m really appreciative.

As the mother of recurring character Tyrone and the adored Evelyn Plummer’s (Maureen Lipman) estranged daughter, Claire will play a crucial part.

In photos, Claire may be seen sporting a much less glamorous appearance while playing a totally different look.

The persona is depicted sporting a baseball cap, her hair pulled back, no makeup, a brown sweater, a jacket and brown pants.

Claire responded to the stunning difference in looks by saying, “I’m not vain. I’m an actress, and on the first day of filming on the cobblestones, one of the extras who looked just like you said, “Oh, we didn’t we didn’t recognise you,” and I heard a complete “brilliant!” in return.

I wanted her to be so far away from me because that’s how I wanted to be.

Actress Claire Sweeney had nothing but compliments to say about filming with her on-screen mother while speaking to and other media outlets.

Working with Maureen is like attending a masterclass, the woman said. She is just amazing.

“I simply want to do more things with her and with Alan. Alan is a fantastic actor, as I discovered during my screen test. The folks around me are wonderful.

On June 28 on ITV, Claire makes her Coronation Street debut.


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