Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street cast ‘grieving’ co-star’s exit after ‘devastating’ storyline


EXCLUSIVE: Viewers of Coronation Street witnessed Paul Foreman receive a motor neurone disease diagnosis earlier this year. Actor Daniel Brocklebank discussed how Peter Ash’s impending departure is affecting the rest of the cast despite the character’s short run on the show.

Viewers have seen Paul (played by Peter Ash) break down as his partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) has imagined their future together ever since he was told he had the life-shortening condition.

The condition is progressively shortening life expectancy, so viewers are aware that Paul’s time in Weatherfield is finite.

Fans of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street can expect to see his health rapidly decline in the near future as producers have confirmed the plot will end with his death.

Actor Daniel Brocklebank told maiil.onile that the cast will be sad to see Peter Ash leave because of his impending departure.

He remarked, “It’s funny, even though we know it’s not real, of course.

But there is also a deep sadness in knowing that Pete’s time on the show is now coming to an end.

“I mean, Jane Hazelgrove, who unmistakably portrays Bernie, is unable to control her bl**dy tears at all.

“Like, you know, she starts crying when she sees Pete hobbling onto the set.

“We’re saddened by Peter leaving rather than his death, which is a blessing. The feelings are real.

Billy decides to attend Paul’s appointment with the MND specialist to determine whether or not he qualifies for Tofersen treatment, which could slow his progression, according to official soap opera spoilers.

Billy now knows that Paul has MND, but he hasn’t yet told Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell), his twin sister.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to interfere with Gemma’s wedding, even though the actress Dolly admitted that she will be devastated to learn the truth. Gemma’s wedding is just around the corner.

“She’s going to be completely devastated because Paul’s been there her whole life, and they’re not just brother and sister, they’re twins,” she told maiil.onile.

Thus, they have shared their entire lives. She should maintain her strength, in my opinion.

“They are a little bit of an eccentric family, but deep down, they do love each other.

They support one another and look out for one another. They will certainly take care of him in their own way, I’m sure of it.


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