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Coronation Street Charlotte Jordan’s rarely seen boyfriend, popstar past and show exit


The soap opera performer is well-known for playing Daisy Midgeley.

Since her arrival in 2020, Charlotte Jordan has made a name for herself as a significant character on Coronation Street.

The Cobbles’ Daisy Midgeley is one of the most well-known characters played by the 27-year-old soap opera heroine. The character has had a busy time in Weatherfield since last month, when she announced her engagement to Daniel Osbourne.

This week, Daisy’s plot took a new turn as she became the subject of a stalker. Since the character’s estranged mother has returned to the Cobbles, the situation has grown even more challenging for her.

Daisy will be shocked by her mother’s appearance on the show, Charlotte previously explained to the ECHO. Since she hadn’t truly had a contact with her mother since she was a child, she said: “It’s quite fractious and distant. Since it has been so long and she is now 26 years old, she is no longer a raging ball of rage.

She is more of a bother because she occasionally shows up, doesn’t really give her much, and constantly seems to expect something from her before disappearing. She has accepted that this is the relationship. What do you desire and why are you here are more important questions.

Fortunately, Charlotte’s life outside of the Cobbles is calmer than it is in the movie. She frequently shares intriguing details about her life away from the show with her Instagram followers.

She posted pictures from their luxurious getaway from last year on Instagram to show off how happy she and her partner are together. Charlotte joked, along with a heart eyes emoji, “Anyone else having to snap photographs of their better half?,” as she acknowledged that she finds it difficult to convince her boyfriend to consent to photos.

Charlotte has already talked about how her career almost took a totally different turn. Charlotte described to The Metro how Simon Fuller and Geri Halliwell spotted her to join a music band they were starting.

It was a development contract, so we spent a lot of time getting to know one another, practicing dancing, and recording songs in the studio, sometimes fantastic tunes and sometimes cheesy ones. You simply search for your sound.

“I was given the opportunity to work alone once they thought we had used up all of our possibilities as a group. I continued doing that for another two years before deciding to return to acting as I grew older and realized that was what I really wanted to do. Not everyone who can sing should pursue a career as a singer.

The actress confessed that nobody’s future in the serial opera is guaranteed, despite Charlotte still playing a significant role in it. It’s a soap, so there’s no guarantee we’ll even make it down the aisle, she said to the Metro.And it moves along quickly once it starts. Since they only started dating a year and two minutes ago, everything is possible.


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