Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street confirms new owners of the Rovers as Jenny Connor steps down


Coronation Street viewers have seen Jenny Connor struggle to keep the famous pub afloat after feeling the impact of the cost of living crisis.
Coronation Street spoilers have revealed who will be taking over the Rovers Return as Jenny Connor (played by Sally Ann Matthews) was forced to step down.

Over the past few weeks, fans of the ITV soap have seen the landlady feel the brunt of the cost of living crisis as she confessed the pub was weeks from closing.

After running Weatherfield’s local for two years solo, following the death of her husband Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley), Jenny parts ways with the venue next week.

In upcoming scenes, the landlady discusses the deal she’s made with killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) as she heads to the Rovers to break the news to Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Confirming she’s no longer the owner, Jenny explains she’s signed the papers and it now belongs to the brewery owned by Henry and the Newtons

Although the pub will be saved, Jenny and Daisy are unsure what will happen to them as staff and lodgers as the takeover begins.

As Henry (George Banks) gets to work on the Rovers, he brings some worrying news which puts the future of the pub in danger once again.

He admits his father Phillip (Bruce McGregor) wants to sell the brewery, which would result in the pub being given to new owners.

However, Henry reveals he’s trying to stop his dad from selling so they could keep the Rovers for themselves.

Although the pub is in the hands of Henry and the Newtons, it looks as though Waterfords could become the new owners.

Will The Rovers be saved for good or will Coronation Street fans be saying goodbye to the famous pub?

Henry made his return to the cobbles earlier this month after having a five-year break away from the soap.

The last time viewers saw the businessman, he was taken hostage by two gangsters in the back of a car in 2018.

Although many didn’t know whether or not Henry was still alive, it looks as though he’s turned a new leaf after his scheming ways from his last time in the soap.

Speaking about his return, actor George told viewers how his character has changed.
He told Digital Spy: “I think the thing now is that he knows deep down that he’s a good person and he doesn’t want to be the person he was.

“He genuinely wants to help where he can. It’s nice for him to be able to come back and redeem himself, to show people that he’s a good man, and he’s a nice man. And he might you know, he’s a bit more grown up now. He’s got a bit more responsibility.”


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