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Coronation Street DNA struggle as Sarah Platt’s pregnancy leaves Adam heartbroken


Sarah Platt from Coronation Street has been trying desperately to mend her relationship with Adam Barlow since she admitted to having an affair.

While kissing Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), Tina O’Brien’s character Sarah Platt from Coronation Street was caught off guard by her son Harry Platt (Freddie & Isaac Rhodes).

The couple decided to try to save their marriage for Harry after Adam Barlow (Samuel Robertson) learned about their one-night stand.

Official spoilers indicate that after she admits she is unsure of the father, Adam will find it difficult to comprehend her pregnancy.

Upcoming scenes feature Sarah having a drink with Dee-Dee Bailey (Shannique Sterling-Brown) at the Rovers.

But as Sarah takes a sip of her wine, she hesitates and worries that she might be pregnant before hastily leaving.

Sarah decides to take a pregnancy test at home and is completely taken aback when the results are positive.

When Adam gets home later, she prepares herself and gives him the pregnancy test before telling him she doesn’t know the father.

Adam collapses in disbelief, leaving Sarah to go to a DNA appointment by herself in the hopes that Adam will be identified as the father.

If it turns out that the child is Adam’s, will he be by her side? Will he finally be able to forgive Sarah for cheating after she recently derailed his plans to have a child with her?

What will he do if it turns out that the child is Damon’s?

Later, Adam stops Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), who is having a party in the Rovers, and inquires as to what the good news is.

Adam gets the hump and walks away when Sarah raves about Owen Longford’s (Ben Hull) love of Nippersnapper.

Has Adam grown tired of being treated unfairly in their relationship? Is his pregnancy the tipping point?

Adam has had trouble believing Sarah when she tells him where she is or who she is with since the cheating revelation.

Sarah set up a lunch date but quickly canceled when she was forced to look through Underworld’s accounts for Owen.

Later, when she went to see Adam at work, he became furious and questioned whether she was really working or secretly having lunch with Damon.

Sarah acknowledged why he was upset and explained why she had to cancel, but Adam was still in shock and acknowledged he was having trouble believing her.

Is this Adam and Sarah’s last act together?


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