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Coronation Street ‘double exit’ as Daisy Midgeley star teases tragedy for Ryan


Fans of Coronation Street have witnessed Daisy Midgeley stand by Ryan Connor’s side as he recovers ever since he was the victim of a terrible acid attack. However, actress Charlotte Jordan made a suggestion that viewers might see two exits on the cobbles as upcoming scenes reveal his health begins to deteriorate.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who sustained severe burns as a result of Justin Rutherford’s (Andrew Still) attack, has been attempting to maintain a positive outlook by talking to love interest Crystal ((Erin Austen).

Ryan was brutally rejected by the Ibiza DJ last month, but he was unaware of it, so Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) has been posing as her to cheer him up.

Her strategy, however, is about to backfire in upcoming scenes when the second phone she uses to pose as Crystal is given to Max Turner (Paddy Bever), precisely when Ryan needs her most.

With no one nearby to assist him, Ryan begins to feel more and more ill as he struggles to get a hold of Crystal.

He is compelled to leave a voicemail even though there is no response as he succumbs to unconsciousness.

Even though Max finds Ryan’s message and realizes he’s in danger, it might already be too late.

Actress Charlotte Jordan acknowledged that Ryan’s sudden health decline would have a negative effect on her character if anything happened to him.

I don’t think Daisy would recover from it, the ITV star reportedly told Metro.

“She would not be able to get over it because she already feels so responsible for Ryan, so if she was not able to save him in time, I think we would lose her.”

Regarding Daisy posing as Crystal, the actress reveals that her motivations are sincere because she doesn’t want to hurt Ryan any more than she already has.

Daisy’s plan is completely absurd and the wrong thing to do, but it does originate from a good place, she continued.

Daisy claims that she is not acting in this way to stir up trouble but rather to give Ryan some time to recover.

The Coronation Street actress hinted that there might be drama by saying Ryan would react “horrifically” if Daisy’s lies are revealed.

Since the assault, viewers have observed the two growing closer, leading to theories about a potential romantic relationship in the near future.

Regarding the rumors, Charlotte said: “I don’t know if it’s a real romantic connection or if it’s trauma bonding, but they do become very dependent on each other, especially with Daisy delaying her own recovery in favor of concentrating on Ryan, and she ends up really needing him in a way that she didn’t intend to.

Daisy wasn’t intentionally pursuing these emotions; rather, she was merely trying to take care of Ryan when things started to spiral out of control.


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