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Coronation Street exit fears as Daisy Midgeley struggles to cope with trauma


Exclusive: Daisy Midgeley of Coronation Street knew she was in a losing battle when she sought assistance to stop her psychotic stalker Justin Rutherford from destroying her life.

Action was finally taken, and the villain is now in custody, after Justin (played by Andrew Still) launched a horrific acid attack in recent Coronation Street scenes that changed Ryan Connor’s (Ryan Prescott) life.

Psychotherapist Mairead Molloy discussed the potential long-term effects on acid attack victims and how important it can be to get justice in an exclusive interview with

As viewers of the ITV soap opera are aware, the police initially didn’t seem to take Daisy’s worries seriously.

During Justin’s first court appearance after the attack, she was hoping to finally see justice for herself and Ryan, but to her dismay, he pleaded not guilty.

Although Justin’s plea will undoubtedly make the process more challenging, it is hoped that he will receive what is due to him.

Ryan screamed in pain after Justin threw something at his face in disturbing scenes that aired last month.

While Ryan faces a challenging future with facial scarring permanent, Daisy is now driven by guilt.

Given the terrible trauma the two have experienced, it is anticipated that they will both struggle over the next few months or longer.

But what if Justin’s actions made things worse?

The two are hoping that Justin will serve a lengthy sentence, but if he is spared, Daisy and Ryan will face much scarier and worse circumstances.

According to Mairead, many victims may find it cathartic to fight against the injustice of such attacks.

“This is demonstrated by the powerful push made by leading organizations to alter the laws in the nations where these attacks happen most frequently.

“Acid attacks currently receive either few or no penalties.

Even in the UK, the recommended sentence for intentionally inflicting serious bodily harm or injury is only five years, a punishment that is rarely carried out.

“And for sending, throwing, or using an explosive, corrosive substance, or noxious things with the intent to do grievous bodily harm, the perpetrator can potentially get life in prison, but this rarely, if ever, happens, even in advanced societies where the laws are not subservient to religious dogma.”

If Justin is not given a life sentence, could Daisy and Ryan experience further harm?

Daisy might have trouble dealing with this and the guilt that comes along with it. How will she handle the ongoing ordeal?

She might decide to leave Weatherfield and begin a new life, which would probably break the heart of financier Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

Daisy’s attempt to cheer Ryan up by posing as her friend who ghosted him and calling him from a different number doesn’t help the situation. However, it appears that she might be exposed soon.

confirmed by official spoilers Ryan seems depressed once more, Carla Connor (Alison King) calls in the Rovers and informs Daisy. She quickly texts him from “Crystal” in a hurry. Could Daniel become aware of what’s going on and argue with his fiancee?


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