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Coronation Street ‘exit’ for pregnant Sarah Platt as history repeats itself


Sarah Platt from Coronation Street will soon learn she is pregnant, but is Damon Hay or Adam Barlow the father? Fans of the ITV soap opera believe she will discover the child is

Damon’s and will then be compelled to leave Weatherfield.

When Sarah Platt (played by Tina O’Brien) learns she is pregnant and some viewers believe she will be leaving Coronation Street, the ensuing months will be difficult for her.

Reddit user @Loyalsupporter posted on social media, saying: “We’ve seen the same old story before, but let’s take a guess. I know Damon is going to be the father because the show’s bosses do it every single time. It’s not an original idea anymore.” (sic)

When Sarah Platt from Coronation Street finds out she’s pregnant, who is the father—Damon Hay or Adam Barlow? ITV soap opera viewers anticipate that she will learn the child is Damon’s and that she will then be forced to leave Weatherfield.

The following months will be challenging for Sarah Platt (played by Tina O’Brien) after she learns she is pregnant and some viewers think she will be leaving Coronation Street.

On social media, Reddit user @Loyalsupporter wrote: “We’ve heard this story before, but let’s hazard a guess. Damon is going to be the father, and I know it because the show’s producers always do it. It’s no longer a novel concept. (sic)

Given that Sarah didn’t yet genuinely want a child with Adam, Bryan questioned: “Why wasn’t Sarah on the pill?”

Some people theorized that Tina O’Brien is quitting the show soon because she recently acquired new acting headshots, according to @KnightsOfCidona. If that’s the case, I believe Damon will be responsible because her relationship with Adam will have been irreparably damaged and she wants to get away from him and her child as quickly as she can. (sic)

It was suggested by @Dizzyair07 that “[It’s] Damon’s, but Damon will be killed before finding out.”

Recently, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) learned that Sarah had been having an affair with neighborhood bad boy Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

In upcoming scenes, Sarah will have a DNA test to determine whether Damon or Adam is the father of her unborn child.

When the men learn the truth, how will they respond? Will they volunteer to raise the child or will they reject the responsibility?

In a recent interview, Sarah’s actress Tina stated that she does not want her character to make up with Adam.

It’s a tricky one, she admitted, but I actually like the notion that perhaps they can’t be together.

Even though they should be together, circumstances have now harmed their relationship, making it difficult for them to repair it.

Is there any chance the couple can stay together during Sarah’s pregnancy, or will they both separate?


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