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Coronation Street exit guarded as ultimate betrayal tears couple apart


Young Faye Windass of Coronation Street has been spending more time with her daughter Miley Hodge in recent weeks, and her ex-boyfriend Jackson Hodge has given her an ultimatum to move to Slough with them.

Jackson Hodge, who is portrayed by Joseph William Evans on Coronation Street, recently informed Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) that he and Miley Hodge (Frankei-Jae Simmonds) would be moving to Slough after accepting a job offer.

Soon after Faye accepted Craig Tinker’s (Colson Smith) proposal, Jackson rekindled his feelings for her and asked her to join them on their new journey.

Faye has been trying to deny her feelings for Jackson and pretend that she is content with Craig, but even her father Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) has noticed how differently she feels about each of them.

Faye, despite having stated that she would marry Craig, is anxious to maintain a positive relationship with her daughter, and official spoilers indicate that she may soon betray Craig.

Miley will eventually admit how much she will miss her mother, leaving Faye to conceal her feelings.

Miley pressures Faye to move to Slough with her and Jackson after expressing how she feels, but will Faye give it some thought?

Craig tells Faye in the Rovers that he has been given a secondment with the CID and is overjoyed about their promising future.

Faye discusses her plans to throw Craig a surprise party to commemorate his CID secondment with Beth, Sally, and Izzy.

Later, Faye is convinced to assist Miley with her family tree school project by Jackson and Miley, and so Faye and Gary both assist Miley with her family tree.

Gary is aware of Faye’s enjoyment of Jackson’s flattery when he compliments her.

Later, Faye discusses the specifics of Craig’s party with Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) with the assistance of Beth Sutherland (Lisa George), Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), and Tim.

Gary Windass (Mickey North), noticing a difference in his sister’s actions toward Craig, questions Faye about her feelings for Jackson.

Faye acknowledges that Jackson tried to kiss her, but he wouldn’t because she preferred Craig.

Gary entices Faye and Jackson to the furniture store and implores them to express their feelings there because he is aware of his sister’s tendency to push her emotions to the side.

Jackson warns Faye that she is making the biggest mistake of her life by choosing Craig over him. In the meantime, Craig arrives at the bistro and is surprised to see all of his family and friends there.

He quickly calls his girlfriend’s phone after realizing Jackson and Faye are both missing, though.

He goes to investigate why she isn’t at the Bistro with the others when he hears it ringing in the furniture store.

When Faye sees Craig coming, she tells Jackson to hide under a desk. Will Craig find Faye and Jackson by themselves when he enters the store?

Will Faye come clean about her feelings for Craig, or will she keep up the lie and ponder the possibilities for her future?


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