Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street fans fear for beloved character as they ‘work out’ Isabella’s secret


Brian Packham of Coronation Street was overjoyed to discover he was related to Italian Isabella, but fans are concerned for the adored character.

Peter Gunn’s character, Brian Packham, has been getting impatient with his cousin Isabella (Flaminia Cinque) ever since she sparked a fight between Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) and George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley).

After she says she can’t move back to Italy because her apartment isn’t ready, he will decide to try and pack her off on a trip around the country in the upcoming scenes.

Fans of Coronation Street think they know who Isabella really is, and many are worried that she might be trying to con Brian or worse.

“Do we think Brian’s cousin is legit or do we thinks she’s a con because her flat suddenly becoming uninhabitable was a bit weird,” Reddit user oheeehoo asked in a post.

Yes, she might be Italian, but she’s probably not related to him, a different supporter retorted. She has been acting strange for some time.

Now it almost seems as though she’s trying to offend as many people as she can, which either means she’s completely illiterate or doing it on purpose, but why?

Another person said: “I believe there is definitely something off about her, but I’m not sure what. It can’t be money because Brian isn’t wealthy.

She reminds me of an old friend’s crazy Italian wife, who spends her time trying to start fights, and she is very strange.

Another person questioned why, if Isabella was pretending to be someone else, Sarah (Tina O’Brien) and Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) hadn’t figured it out.

“Sarah and Stephen should both be fluent in Italian; it would be fun if one of them caught her out,” they wrote in their post.

One person simply made the assumption that she was homeless and needed to live with Brian.

Actor Peter has discussed various concepts Isabella implied there might be more to it and claimed she wasn’t really Italian.

She’ll eventually speak with a loud Lancashire accent, I keep thinking, he exclaimed.

“But no, she’s my Italian cousin and she’s Italian.”I believe she is concealing something in Italy, but I’m not sure what. She wanted to come here rather than go there, so I believe something is wrong.

“So she’s either escaping something or she’s just very unpopular,” I thought.

Simply wait and see if the truth does come out, fans.


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