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Coronation Street fans gobsmacked as they work out age gap of Tyrone star and mum Cassie


As actress Claire Sweeney joined the ITV soap opera, Tyrone Dobbs’ estranged biological mother Cassie made her Weatherfield debut this week.

After figuring out the slight age difference between actor Alan Halsall and his new on-screen mother Claire Sweeney, Coronation Street viewers were left perplexed.

Fans of the ITV soap opera saw Cassie (Claire Sweeney), the estranged daughter of Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman), arrive in Weatherfield this past week.

Evelyn appears to be in trouble as she informs her grandson Tyrone (Alan Halsall) that his mother has passed away.

After figuring out the age difference between the two actors in real life, viewers were diverted.

Clare Sweeney and Alan Halsall only have an 11-year age difference in real life, wrote @CentralCeeSocks on Twitter.

“Wasn’t Tyrone’s mother originally Margi Clarke?” @TheGrumpyB**ch continued. Love Claire Sweeney but the age difference?

“Googling Alan Halsall’s age (40) and Claire Sweeney’s age (52) so Cassie had Tyrone when she was 12,” wrote @Darryl__Jason in a tweet.

@AndyGibsonHow the hell is she Tyrone’s mother, the TV asked? They are of the same age, right?

So Tyrone is supposed to be this mystery woman’s son, but they appear to be the same age? asked @xViCkIx_. Alright, Corrie. Well done on the casting.

Why the f**k she Tyrone mum age gap etc don’t seem right, yelled @runninoncaffine.

Fans got to see Evelyn confront her daughter on Wednesday night as things heated up while Cassie was in the hospital.

Cassie was revealed to be a drug user who had stolen money from her mother, which is how she came to know her address and where to look for her.

Even though she hasn’t yet met Tyrone, according to official spoilers, Cassie shows up at Evelyn’s house with her son and inquires as to how the two know one another.

Speaking to and other media outlets, actress Claire said it is a dream to appear in the soap.

I couldn’t believe it honestly; I’m such a fan and I’m so appreciative for this job and to be playing Cassie, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for it. A dream has come true.

I’ve said it before: Corrie or Hollywood? Not that Hollywood was an option, but Corrie is just so wonderful, give it to me any day.

We’ve all grown up with this soap, so it’s an institution.

ITV will continue to air Coronation Street at 8 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


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