Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street fans predict ‘danger’ for Damon Hay as Adam learns of betrayal


The drama on Coronation Street reached a head on Friday night when Sarah Platt told her husband everything about her affair with Damon Hay. However, as Adam Barlow confronted him angrily, viewers fear things may get physical.

On Coronation Street on Friday, the truth was revealed after several weeks of covert behavior when Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) child witnessed her kissing Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

She tried to convince her son that the kiss wasn’t as serious as he thought it was, but the guilt got the better of her and she told her husband Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) everything.

After spending weeks defending Damon in court to prevent him from going to prison, Adam stormed to the Bistro, enraged by her betrayal. There, he confronted Damon.

Even though he insisted they both leave, the situation was resolved by telling Damon to leave the gathering.

Fans believe that Adam’s anger toward the former bad boy is just getting started, and they believe that danger and even death may lie ahead.

“Danger?,” exclaimed JamieSummersTV. Danger? “High volts!”

“I’m guessing Adam will need a divorce lawyer and a defense…if he kills Damon,” Pam_debeauvoir wrote in a comment.

ShakyWoon continued, “Let the Adam vs. Damon match begin!”

The tweet from fussyMcWhiskers stated: “There’s always a major incident when there’s a party – Damon is going to get a slap.”

Oh well, if he kills him, he can represent himself in court, said StuartYoung002. Put aside some money for the divorce.

Terrettcorey then remarked, “I’ve missed this side of Adam.”

It’s important to show that, yes, Sarah is typically very well-behaved and yes, she is happy, but this man has just gotten under her skin, said actress Tina O’Brien in reference to the on-screen relationship.

She continues to make poor decisions even though we can see that they aren’t always in her best interests.

There isn’t much of a moral justification for her actions.

She asserts that Adam was too preoccupied with work at one point and had been somewhat absent from the scene.

However, it serves more as an explanation for how she has behaved, so I doubt it will be well received.


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