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Coronation Street fans sent into a frenzy as ‘brilliant’ comedian makes guest appearance


When a well-known comedian made her soap debut on Monday night’s episode of Coronation Street, viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Viewers saw Aggie Bailey and her husband Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) enjoying a romantic meal together during the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera.

However, their conversation was abruptly cut short when Patrick (Phil Mealey) and Yvette (Arabella Weir), their former neighbors, entered.

Aggie and Ed joined them for a catch-up, which delighted Yvette, who was furious about how long she had been waiting to be seated.

The comedy and acting duo Arabelle Weir and Buy Does my Bum Look Big in This author Arabelle Weir is best known for her roles in the BBC Two comedy series Two Doors Down.

It didn’t take long for viewers to express their delight on Twitter after the comedian appeared in the soap.

It seems strange to hear Arabella Weir speak with an English accent, Lshire_Laird commented. To me, she will always be Scottish Beth. It’s nice to see her in this, though.

“Does my bum look big in this?” Arabella Weir,” said ADADAPPADAN.

Suemgriffiths tweeted, mentioning the actress by name, “Massive shock to see you in Corrie tonight. Excellent as usual.

Bloody hell, it’s Arabella Weir!!!!!!”, said Samanth22356123.

No way, does my bum look big in this joined, said ddphotograph.

We’ve just entered The Fast Show, Bebop76845845 tweeted.

After Aggie admitted to living in Weatherfield, Arabella’s character made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of the town during the episode.

When Yvette suggests visiting their new home in upcoming episodes, Aggie is horrified that their old neighbors will think less of them.

Tim Metcalfe decides they can use his home as their own when hosting Yvette and Patrick in an effort to assist.

Sally thinks everything will go horribly wrong as she watches Aggie make dinner.

The fact that the two arrive to find Tim dressed only in Sally’s pink dressing gown seems to confirm her suspicions.

How will Aggie and Ed escape the deception they have created?


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