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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ how Stephen will be caught as he plots to kill Elaine


Stephen Reid, the serial killer from Coronation Street, has begun using extreme measures to obtain Elaine Jones’ money. Fans of the ITV soap opera, however, think they have figured out how the villain will be apprehended once and for all.
Fans of Coronation Street have seen Todd Boyce’s Stephen Reid (who returned to Weatherfield last year) cause mayhem.

In addition to killing three people to keep his secrets hidden, he drugged Carla Connor (Alison King) and drove her out of the factory before turning his attention to Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) in order to steal her money.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera have witnessed him begin plotting Elaine’s demise after using manipulation to make her fall in love with him.

After learning that she had the same heart condition that killed her mother, he recently took out a life insurance policy, and after she enraged him this week, he has increased the antics.

Elaine put her foot down and refused to spend her money on something that didn’t involve her after Carla announced she was stepping down and tried to convince her to buy her share of the factory.

Uncertain of whether she is alive or dead, Stephen returns and finds her body before backing out of the room and leaving her.

Many viewers believe Elaine could be the killer’s undoing because tests on her blood will be performed and reveal her medication was switched, contrary to the belief of some that the killer has already claimed his next victim.

“I don’t think she’ll die, but this will be the start of his downfall,” commented Ginaraquel47 on Reddit. Like when Elaine eventually has blood work done and it reveals some abnormality, which raises questions about Stephen.

“Why Carla and the LSD didn’t experience this is another story, but hey. Even though I am aware that the plot is absurd, I still adore it.

“I agree that Elaine won’t likely die, but Elaine isn’t going to take being left for dead, quietly,” Icy-Translator9124 continued. The Bin Baron will find her squawking to be very awkward. He’s going to have to “explain” himself.”

Can you really imagine Carla giving up the factory, as Cheshirechris71 put it: “Elaine is so obviously being lined up for us to believe Stephen will kill her when Owen is the obvious choice. For Stephen, however, the plot will work.In the Richard Hillman era, Maxine was the target he had lined up, but the big surprise was that no one saw it coming. I predict Stephen will carry out one of those types of murders before he finishes with a more conventional one.


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