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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ more trouble for Amy Barlow as she makes risky decision


Fans of Coronation Street have been hoping Amy Barlow can convince the police that she was sexually assaulted by Aaron Sandford, but the most recent episode has them worried about the teenager.

After a wild night out together a few months ago, Aaron Sandford (James Craven), who plays Amy Barlow on Coronation Street, sexually assaulted Elle Mulvaney’s character.

Aaron, however, has vigorously denied all of it and has turned Amy’s intoxication against her.

The young person has found it difficult to accept what happened, especially because some locals don’t believe what she says.

After Monday’s episode, viewers of the ITV soap were alarmed because they thought Amy might now be in legal trouble.

It happened as Amy’s well-intended warning caused Aaron’s new girlfriend, Mia (May Daley), to end up calling the police.

Amy was instructed to stop making accusations, but she felt she couldn’t watch as Aaron might rape yet another woman.

She rushed over to his new girlfriend, Mia, to warn her not to believe him.

Are you following me or something? This is about Summer (Spellman, Harriet Bibby), isn’t it?” Mia snapped before pointing out. You were hired to carry out her dirty work by your resentful little mate.

“What? No, it’s unrelated to Summer in any way. Aaron is involved,” Amy retorted.

“You think he’s decent, but he’s not,” she continued, “and you deserve to know what he’s really like.”

“I already do,” Mia countered, “I’ve known him for years. He’s been incredible, so kind and supportive while I’ve been dealing with all kinds of issues.

Amy acknowledged, “Yeah, he can come across like that when he wants to, it’s not the whole story.

Mia insisted, “You’re pathetic, trying to break us up,” before Amy finally admitted the truth.

After some convincing from Mia, Amy finally admitted that Aaron had raped her. “He did something terrible… if the same thing happened to you I couldn’t cope, I wouldn’t want it on my conscience,” Amy said.

When she spoke to Aaron, Mia insisted that something needed to be done to stop Amy from damaging Aaron’s reputation because she didn’t believe Amy.

Soon after, Amy received a visit from the police informing her that a harassment claim had been made against her.

Amy later explained how she had found writing about her experience to be beneficial.

Her father, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), pushed her to make the blog public so that everyone could read it.

After some hesitation, Amy published the post disclosing everything before frantically slamming her laptop shut.

Fans believe she might come to regret the choice, though.

The following was written on Twitter by @stevebethere: “Knowing #corrie Amy will end up in prison for stalking and lying.”

“So now the #Corrie law is selective?!,” @Soap_Law continued. When Justin was not found guilty of harassment, how can Amy be? Now that writers are writing complete nonsense, the mess is getting worse.

The police apparently take Amy’s “harassment allegation” more seriously than they did with Justin’s treatment of Daisy in “Corrie,” according to @__Melissaaaa.

@SnackByteso1 tweeted: “The coppers didn’t waste any time getting around to Amy’s did they? #Corrie.”

“Well, I wonder what the backlash will be from Amy posting her story online,” @penniless_poet continued. Human nature being what it is (unfortunately), #Corrie, ranges from people offering her support to people calling her names and saying she asked for it.

@OliReading predicted, “#Corrie Amy posted an accusation under her own account – that’s going to bring the police around again.”


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