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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ Sean Tully will die off-screen after ignoring warnings


Sean Tully, a stalwart of Coronation Street, may be facing very serious difficulties, but he is choosing not to heed his friends’ advice. Could the bartender die tragically after 20 years on the streets?
After a string of failed relationships, Sean (played by Antony Cotton) believes he has at last found Laurence Reeves (Robert Shaw Cameron) as a lifelong partner. On Wednesday’s episode of Coronation Street, Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), who has been harboring doubts about Laurence for some time, revealed a sinister secret about the character. Fans predicted that as Sean disregarded Todd’s cautions, he might meet a fatal end off-screen.

Todd has been interested in learning more ever since he realized Laurence had kept his former marriage from Sean.

Sean has previously commanded him to let it go, particularly after Laurence informed him that his wife had passed away.

Todd, however, has persisted in his digging. Laurence told Sean that his wife had perished in a tragic mountain accident, but a person from his past had a different theory.

Todd and Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) located Mitch, a cabbie who once knew Laurence.

A photograph of Laurence and his late wife, who was seen with her arm around a third man, Mitch, was found by Eileen.

Sean clarified Laurence had arranged for them to take a vacation and asked that they leave his boyfriend alone.

But when they spoke to Mitch—whose real name was Andy Mitchell—he revealed some startling information.

The cab driver explained, “Laurence’s missus was in the way of our plans.

He was unprepared at the time, so he was afraid that if she found out about our relationship, she would expose him to his family and exact revenge.

So Laurence didn’t want his wife present, then? Todd added in a dubious manner.

It could have been me bouncing down that mountain, so I’m glad I wasn’t the one he thought might say something, Mitch said.

Eileen was shocked and asked, “You honestly think he pushed her?” which Mitch confirmed.

He replied menacingly, “There was an obstacle, her, and then there wasn’t.

So, why aren’t you still with him? Tod questioned Laurence’s ex.

Laurence speculated, “Maybe I reminded him of what he’d done,” before he added, “Don’t bug me again, mate; I don’t want Laurence to see me; he’s dangerous.”

After Laurence brought up mountains in a conversation with Sean about their trip, worried followers quickly took to social media.

@RyanTheSoapking, a user on Twitter, wrote: “Sean is aware of Laurence’s mystery.

“Now that Sean might be the next target of his attention, he needs to be cautious and tread lightly around Laurence.

“Sean’s travel insurance has already been purchased by him. #Corrie.”
As @and67k joked: “When Sean leaves on his vacation from hell, he needs to smuggle a parachute with him! #corrie.”

“Hopefully Sean finds out himself what Lawrence is like on this getaway #Corrie,” wrote @topgooner100.

“Sean, you’re climbing a mountain for vacation like Julie Andrews and descending it like Eddie the Eagle! #corrie,” @penniless poet made a theory.

Posted by @EnfieldGarry: “Sean, you are so blind. @penniless poet tweeted: “Laurence is dangerous. Can we have him and Stephen in a tag team against Sean and Damon? #Corrie. #corrie.”


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