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Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ there’s trouble for Amy Barlow in love interest twist


Amy Barlow from Coronation Street recently made the decision that it was time to move on and agreed to go on a date with Ezra, a student in her university course.
Fans of Coronation Street worry that Amy Barlow will face more difficulties as a result of her decision to go on a date with Ezra, who they think may be connected to the rapist Aaron Sandford.

Fans expressed their worry on Twitter as Amy made the decision to move forward and take positive action, with user @deanobeanos writing: “This lad texting Amy is going to be one of Aaron’s friends ain’t he.”

When Amy (Ellen Mulvany), who has been battling to recover from her rape, posts about her experience with Aaron (James Craven), she will likely be sued.

The fact that fans think Aaron has enlisted Ezra to exact revenge is therefore not surprising. As Claire Enry wrote in her essay, “Not sure if I trust this Ezra guy? He’s gonna be Aaron’s friend or something…”

Ryan Glendenning added: “Amy is going on a date – I hope she isn’t going into this too quickly, especially after her recent panic attack.”

Another viewer said: “Oh dear. The person Amy was texting on the phone is speaking with Aaron. Predictable”.

“Either that’s Aaron on the other end of the phone… or this Ezras guy is bad news,” hypothesized @SoapGlory. Maybe a friend of Aaron’s doing his revenge work.” (sic)

Dave Mitus expressed: “Not feeling too confident for Amy! I don’t believe the planned date is a good idea given her most recent panic attack. (sic)

But it’s just not fans who are concerned about Amy.

She revealed that she had met a new boy named Ezra to her friend and Aaron’s ex-girlfriend Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) and Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain).

“Good looking is he?” asked Summer. Amy responded with an immediate “Yeah!” Incredibly attractive, intelligent, and funny. He agreed when I offered to buy him lunch.

Aadi and Summer started to worry about how outgoing Amy was with the new man.

In a later scene of the episode, Summer enquired of Amy whether Ezra had any attractive friends who they could introduce her to.

However, Amy’s expression of concern when she asked, “What if I’m never ready?” caught Summer’s attention right away.

Is Amy pushing herself into a situation she’s not ready for? Will she experience additional trauma as a result of this?


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