Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street favourite Daisy Midgley hints at upcoming exit in potential spoiler


After Coronation Street fan favorite Daisy Midgley hinted at intentions to leave the cobblestones behind, fans are divided.

Fans of Coronation Street were shocked to learn that beloved character Daisy Midgley would be leaving the program in Wednesday night’s episode.

The character, played by Charlotte Jordan, made the admission after Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who later threatened to tell her fiancé Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), about their covert meetings, saw them kissing.

Daisy made a suggestion to Daniel during a conversation about their future as a couple, suggesting they forego the renowned cobbles in favor of a neighborhood in nearby Manchester.

She suggested the Didsbury family, saying, “I want us to be a family.” In response, Daniel said, “I think it’s a great idea, a little adventure just the three of us.”

Daisy acknowledged that she had been looking and claimed that she “had it covered” as he attempted to hide what had occurred with Ryan.

Rob said of his character Daniel when discussing the love triangle: “Daniel would be able to sympathize with Ryan more than Daisy in this situation.

“You can understand why someone would want to take anything they could get in this situation. Ryan has been through a difficult time thinking that no one wants him.

“Daisy already had Ryan in the past, so I think the fact that she’s doing it causes chaos in his head. He is seriously confused by what she wants and is doing.

He added that he had high hopes for the upcoming nuptials of Daniel and Daisy, saying, “I think they work really well together. Although they have very different personalities, don’t they prove that opposites attract?


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