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Coronation Street fear as Max Turner’s unlikely romance sparks concern


Max Turner, a disturbed adolescent on Coronation Street, will shortly be questioned about his relationship with Bec on the ITV soap opera.

After being released from the STC, Max Turner (played by Paddy Bever) is settling back into life on Coronation Street, but his father David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) has some questions about his new friend, Bec.

She is the girlfriend of Gav Adetiba (Noah Olaoye), the adolescent Max made friends with in the STC.

In future scenes on the ITV soap, Max and Bec spend time together while Gav is still detained.

Gav begged Max to find Bec, a girl he had dated, before he was freed.

In the sequences that have yet to air, Max was seen catching up with her in a cafe.

Prior to their most recent meeting, Max phones Gav to let him know he found Bec for him.

Gav requests that he apologise to Bec and get her to accept his calls.

Will Max help Gav out in this way or does he also have feelings for Bec?

He is evasive when asked about Bec by Max’s father David and his wife Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) while they continue to hang out.

Iain Macleod, the head of Coronation Street, revealed earlier this year that young Max will soon fall in love.

“It felt important that we showed a story where someone who has gone that far down the wrong path, there is the chance to pull them back,” he stated.

And the central conflict of the narrative was meant to be how a family deals with communicating with an adolescent who has deviated so far, as well as how to bring them back into the fold and redeem them.

Fans of Coronation Street will recall when Max joined the extremist group led by Reynolds (Michael Condron).

Max was brainwashed by Griff into believing his loved ones had abandoned him.

Max was brainwashed into holding racist beliefs by the fanatic and his gang, which made him hostile towards Weatherfield locals.


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