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Coronation Street friendships torn apart as Brian Packham meets Italian relative


Brian Packham, a resident of Coronation Street, has been using DNA testing to learn more about his ancestry and family history, but after meeting his distant relative Isabella, he may end up losing much more than he gains.

After taking a DNA test and learning he was 8% Italian, Brain has been researching his Italian ancestry over the past few weeks.

Even though this percentage might not seem significant enough to act upon, as Brian’s friends were quick to point out, it altered his perspective on life and his family, which led him to search for his ancestors in Southern Europe.

official reveals spoilers Brian meets a member of his extended family, but things quickly go south when his friends get the silent treatment.

In upcoming scenes, Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) introduces Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) and Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) to Isabella (Flaminia Cinque).

However, Isabella ignores Glenda when she tries to start a conversation with her about Italy, leaving Glenda and Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) surprised.

The two continue to get to know one another in the bistro after Isabella tells Brian they’re going to party the Italian way.

Brian assures George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) that he did not steal his maidenhead while praising his model of the Golden Hind.

Isabella overhears their conversation and becomes irritated with George’s apparent arrogance, so she secretly superglues the model ship to the table.

Brian tries to lift George’s model off the table as a result, but a piece breaks off in his hands.

George’s model ship breaks, and he accuses Brian of gluing it to the table. As retaliation, George locks Brian’s model ship in the hearse, preventing either of them from competing.

Mary notices Isabella’s sticky fingers elsewhere in the Rovers but chooses to ignore it for Brian’s benefit.

Isabella claims that she is eagerly anticipating Brian’s arrival in Naples, but she makes it clear that Mary is not welcome.

Later, she calls the café in tears and tells Brian that the builders have discovered subsidence at her apartment and it is unsafe for her to return.

Will Brian accept Isabella’s request to stay with him despite the fact that she offended his friends and announced her presence?

Will Mary and Glenda express their disapproval of Brian’s family if Isabella remains and agitate the situation further?

Although Brian might be able to rekindle his friendships with George and Glenda, how will Mary feel knowing that he will permit Isabella to communicate with her in her manner?


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