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Coronation Street heartbreak for Billy Mayhew as Paul Foreman makes monumental mistake


Billy Mayhew from Coronation Street has been Paul Foreman’s rock over the past few weeks since his MND diagnosis, but things are about to get worse for the couple.

In upcoming scenes, Daniel Brocklebank’s Billy Mayhew will experience heartbreak as Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) engages in a one-night affair with a former flame.

The chili-eating contest that Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) organized for Paul will take place in the bistro in upcoming Coronation Street scenes.

Gemma urges everyone to give generously as the crowd cheers on Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), and Shona Platt (Julia Goulding).

Paul is touched by everyone’s generosity as Bernie hands him £800 after totaling up everyone’s contributions.

They return home after a fun-filled day, but the atmosphere is soon soured by Billy and Bernie’s argument over religion and crystals.

Paul says that their constant interference isn’t helpful as their argument wears on and he storms out as a result.

A familiar face from his past, Zac (do we know his name? ), greets Paul as he enters a hotel bar. Paul offers to buy Zac a drink.

After some time has passed, Paul eventually discovers that Zac has taken the £800 donation from his pocket and is lying in a hotel room with a terrible hangover.

Billy is relieved to learn from Paul that he had one too many and passed out on a friend’s sofa when he gets home later that morning.

Billy offers to bank the money for him when he suggests they use the donation money to purchase a stairlift, but Paul yells at him.

Paul admits that they got drunk and things got out of hand after feeling bad for spending the night with Zac.

Billy is horrified and devastated to learn that Paul was able to destroy everything they had worked so hard to put behind them over the course of one night.

Can Billy and Paul move past the recent events? When Paul learns that the funds raised had also been stolen, how will he respond?

Actor Daniel Brocklebank, who played Billy, previously discussed how the couple copes with Paul’s MND diagnosis.

He said in an interview with and other media outlets: “He is an archdeacon, was a vicar, and his job is very much about pastoral care.

On a personal level, he will be devastated to learn that his partner has been diagnosed, but I believe that his job skills will also enable him to support Paul.

He might also want to demonstrate strength for Paul, in my opinion. Paul is of course the main focus of this.

Is Billy and Paul’s journey once more at an end?


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