Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street opens up on ‘awkward’ storyline after ‘tough’ year


Ryan Connor from Coronation Street has been concentrating on his fitness journey and has even gone as far as using steroids in an effort to see a quicker result.

Ryan Prescott, who plays Ryan Connor on Coronation Street, has spoken out about his upcoming sex work storyline and acknowledged that it was his most “awkward” to date.

After being attacked by acid, being catfished by Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan), and starting to worry about his appearance, the star’s character has had a difficult year.

Ryan will, however, start to explore the world of sex work online and talk naughty online for money in his upcoming storyline.

Ryan Prescott acknowledged in an interview with The Mirror that the cast and crew helped him manage his anxiety before working on the dark storyline.

He acknowledged the thoroughness of the investigation and said: “It’s all tastefully done, of course, but there are part nude elements. “Think sexy!” was used in one of the scenes that we shot.

“I had to remove my top and slam the camera while begging for more money. It might have been the most uncomfortable time in my career so far.

But everyone on set has been wonderful in making me feel at ease, and we’ve had a lot of fun.

After becoming dependent on steroids to bulk up, Ryan will be seen posting shirtless selfies on an online community site similar to OnlyFans in upcoming scenes.

Subscribers to “O-Vidz” start sending him flirtatious messages in which they profess their “love” for his body and their desire for more.

It doesn’t take long for Ryan to start posting expliciter pictures, and the bartender soon finds himself agreeing when users start offering to pay him hundreds of pounds for live sex videos.

Ryan explained that his character turned to sex work in order to regain “control” over his life when asked why he thought this was the case.

The more tunnel vision he develops, the more delusion takes hold, the author revealed, adding that his character receives “personal gratification from strangers.”

After their bitter argument about Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen) and the bartender catfishing him to make him feel better, Ryan and Daisy have hardly spoken in recent months.

Ryan acknowledged that there was still hope for the couple’s romance and reconciliation, saying, “It’s not over between him and Daisy.

“That relationship is about to take some significant turns. When you have gone through that much trauma, a silent bond forms. He loves her a great deal, deep down.


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