Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street opens visitors centre as part of show tour


ITV has announced the completion of the nation’s first ever purpose-built, outward-facing structure, which includes ongoing production of Coronation Street, the longest-running soap opera.

The entrance to the tour for the soap opera, which takes fans of Corrie and members of the public around the live, in-progress production set, is now the Coronation Street Visitor Centre and Event Space.

The building, which is set to open next month, is located on the corner of the 7.7-acre production complex for the event in MediaCity, Greater Manchester.

The center also houses three meeting rooms dubbed The Inkerman, Rosamund, and Viaduct Suites, as well as a café, ITV shop, cinema, and Corrie exhibition tour.

“The potential to create this kind of environment as a live spectator experience, as well as for our own business use,” said Ian Jones, director of workplace services & estates at ITV.

According to the architects, “We have designed it as a multi-purpose building providing us the ability to not just host events for ITV, including the program’s narrative conferences, but also to hire out to other organizations and individuals while still being home to our Tour’s guests.”

James Penfold, Controller Commercial, Global Entertainment, ITV Studios, added: “Seeing the building come to completion is a terrific start to another big year. The Coronation Street Tours started in 2018 and we currently welcome up to 1200 guests each day.

In addition to allowing visitors to view even more in the exhibition area, enjoy a cup of tea and a light lunch, and, of course, visit the gift shop to buy some exclusive ITV items, we can now transport visitors to the location of their favorite program in style.

After the exhibition area is finished and the function spaces are fully furnished, the building will officially open this spring.

Only a few weeks have passed since the debut of Coronation Street’s brand-new precinct set, which includes spaces for a playground, charity store, and bakery.


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