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Coronation Street rocked by new romance as Ryan Connor returns to work


Ryan Connor from Coronation Street has been hiding in his apartment while he deals with his new facial scars, but as soon as he goes back to work, he’ll get a pleasant surprise.

Ryan Connor, who is played by Ryan Prescott on Coronation Street, is getting ready to start working again at the Bistro but quickly learns that someone is already interested in him.

He recently learned that Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) had been the one to pose as Crystal from Ibiza in order to catfish him, and he demanded that she avoid him.

A new romance is in store after spending weeks in the flat and turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism, according to official ITV spoilers.

Ryan confides in Carla Connor (Alison King) in upcoming scenes that he knows it’s time for him to get back to work, but he hates being in the spotlight and having people look at his scars.

When Daisy tries to strike up a conversation, Ryan, who is still angry, claims he has returned to the bistro and that she can forget about him.

Ryan calls the bistro and nervously announces his desire to resume work to Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) in an effort to avoid appearing to be a liar.

Leanne decides to take the chance and give him his job back despite her reluctance because she knows it will be beneficial for him.

The positive energy is short-lived, though, as a client complains about Ryan’s facial scars, prompting Leanne to defend him by calling him a hero.

Ryan, regrettably, hears the last of her outburst and quickly leaves the restaurant angry.

Leanne wants Ryan’s return to the Bistro to be successful, so she accepts that he can work in the background until he gains more self-assurance. She also suggests that he begin by negotiating a new wine contract.

To get a good deal for the new contract, Ryan uses his charm to flirt with Rose, a supplier, over the phone.

Soon after, Rose says that she has already looked at his social media accounts and inquires about his status as a virgin.

Ryan is shocked, especially after Leanne congratulates him on getting such a good deal and reveals Rose will call the Bistro.
Knowing that a new girl is already interested in him will affect how he feels about meeting her.

Ryan could either accept the flirting and see Rose as a new beginning or he could go back to his shell when he thinks about the pain Crystal and Daisy caused him.


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