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Coronation Street split as star begs for Sarah and Adam romance to end


Recently, Adam Barlow learned that his wife Sarah Platt had been having an affair with neighborhood bad boy Damon Hay.
In a recent interview, actress Tina O’Brien talked about her opposition to Sarah and Adam’s reconciliation in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

It’s a difficult decision, but I actually like the notion that they might not be able to be together, she said.

Even though they should be together, circumstances have now harmed their relationship, making it difficult for them to repair it.
Recent episodes of the ITV soap opera showed Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), who had been caught kissing Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), confessing to Adam (Sam Robertson) that she had been having an affair with him.

Although she’s been trying to earn back his forgiveness, it’s clear the trust has been broken as Adam struggles to accept the betrayal.

The ITV soap star acknowledged that Sarah and Adam’s ability to mature and whether or not their relationship has suffered too much from broken trust will determine whether or not their problems can be resolved.

Her on-screen husband, who recently told Metro that he wants them to survive the affair, has a different perspective on the broken relationship.

“I would have loved to see them start a family and live happily together,” he said.

“I enjoy working with Tina and think she’s fantastic. However, it’s clear that the writing staff and audience want to see that conflict.

I just hope they have a period of time where their relationship is tender again and they can be kind to one another and happy if they decide to stay together.

However, it appears that Sarah and Adam have a long road ahead of them because official soap opera spoilers indicate she will find out she is pregnant.

But it quickly becomes apparent that Sarah doesn’t know which of the two men in her life is the father after she sleeps with Damon.

Confessing this to Adam, he’s left furious as she decides to attend a DNA appointment to discover the truth.

Adam has had trouble trusting Sarah when she’s not with him ever since learning about her relationship with Damon.

She had to cancel her lunch date with her husband in one scene because she and Owen had to go over some work accounts.

Although Adam was quick to accuse Sarah of being up to no good when she went to see him later at work.

He snapped at her and questioned whether she was actually at work or if she was using it as a cover to meet Damon secretly.

Will Adam be able to see through her deceptions? Or will this be the final straw in their marriage?


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