Sunday, September 24, 2023

Coronation Street spoilers: Evil acid attacker Justin’s verdict confirmed


The last phase of Justin Rutherford’s trial will take place on Coronation Street, but will he end up in jail?

Not only was Justin responsible for Ryan’s (Ryan Prescott) acid attack, but he also stalked Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) for months because he thought the two of them were destined to be together forever.

Daisy confronted Justin in the hospital parking lot, letting out her rage and declaring they would never, ever date. Justin was then taken into custody.

Daniel (Rob Mallard) pleads with a tense Ryan to change his mind about going to court as Daisy gets ready to confront Justin, pointing out that his wife will live in perpetual terror if Justin gets away with it.

Daisy approaches the witness box in court after hearing some encouraging words from Carla (Alison King), prepared to testify against Justin and relive the acid attack and stalking.

Daisy is left feeling helpless as Justin is carried into the courtroom and both solicitors make their concluding arguments.

A curious Daniel questions Daisy about the friction between her and Ryan while the jury deliberates.

As the jury is being seated, Daisy and Daniel’s talk comes to an abrupt end as she makes it seem like she’s feeling guilty for letting Ryan believe that he and Crystal are dating.

What will the outcome be, though?

Justin made a big move, Andrew Still teased, calling the result.

The viewers won’t truly know until the very end which side the coin will land on. When I watch a show and a character does something horrible, I can’t help but wish that it will come back to bite them, and I believe Justin most definitely deserves to receive justice because what he has done has been abhorrent. I firmly believe that he deserves to be punished.


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