Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen kills Carla after spiking her with LSD?


Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, previously warned us that Carla Connor (Alison King), who is being targeted by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), won’t be targeted in the way we all anticipate.

I’ll eat my hat if anyone guesses what Stephen will do to Carla, he declared.

“I’d be incredibly surprised if anyone spots his plan coming over the hill. It’s so far-fetched and mysterious.”

The plan then?

The drug.

Stephen is making every effort to topple Carla off her perch after landing a job at Underworld.

However, his plan isn’t working out too well because Carla enjoys her work and directing Stephen.

Stephen, who is frustrated that he is losing the battle, will become even more so when Carla informs him that Sarah (Tina O’Brien), who had been Head of Design, will now be Office Manager.

Stephen sneaks into the Underworld office with the LSD vial he stole from Rufus’ briefcase at the beginning of the week, intent on exacting revenge on Carla.

Carla is clearly confused and woozy as she enters the factory floor after her coffee is spiked.

Stephen uses the drugs once more and spikes Carla’s red wine in the bar.

When Peter (Chris Gascoyne) calls into the bar, he sees Carla and immediately realizes she’s not feeling well.

Peter helps Carla leave the bar out of concern that her psychosis has returned, leaving the factory workers to observe what is happening.

With a smile on his face, Stephen enters the office covertly, deletes Carla’s appointment with Dick Haversham, jumbles her paperwork, and then leaves.

We’ll grant him that it’s a sinister plan.

How far will Stephen go, though?


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