Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street star announces ITV soap exit following ‘crazy’ storyline


Adam Little, a cast member of Coronation Street, has opened up about leaving Weatherfield after the ITV soap opera’s extremism plotline.

Following a racial violence plotline, Adam Little, who portrayed Blake Myers on Coronation Street, left the serial opera. The actor moved to Weatherfield last year as Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) former school bully before joining the perilous far-right gang of the villainous Griff Reynolds (Michael Condron).

When Blake was given a sentence for the violent stabbing of Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) and the attempted murder of Maria Connor, Adam’s last scenes were shown on Monday night (Samia Longchambon).

The actor posted a picture of himself posing in Cobble’s imagined ginnel along with the news of his departure from the soap opera on social media.

Thank you to Coronation Street for the chance to be a part of this storyline and play insane guy Blake, Adam wrote in a letter to his fans.

“It’s been a blast working with such a friendly cast and crew who have made me so welcome.

“I’d want to thank all of the viewers who have encouraged me and left me kind words. It is much appreciated.

On the ITV soap opera, Adam’s character had recently adopted the same right-wing ideologies as Max.

In horrific moments, when Blake produced a weapon, Alya rushed in front of Maria and was stabbed.

Blake was then detained at the scene after she was taken to the hospital in a hurry.

Later, he admitted to police officers that Max’s propaganda movies were what initially sparked his violent outburst.

Max was interrogated as a result of his admission, and the lads’ plea hearing took place earlier this week.

Blake admitted to planning terrorist attacks and attempted murder in the hopes that he would be hailed as a hero.

After his trial scenes aired, Adam announced his departure from the serial.

After the huge announcement, the star’s social media fans paid him respect on his Instagram.

Louise wrote: “You did an excellent job as the evil. Greetings for the future.”

Clsampson2 said: “Amazing acting Adam, Good luck with your future journey.”

Daniella shared: “You were truly fabulous. Proud of you xx.”

Stritch15 also said: “Good luck in the future, man. It’s been lovely seeing you on my TV and on the set. Take care of yourself.”

ITV viewers found the extremist plotline Adam’s character was involved in to be contentious, and the stabbing scenes led to Ofcom complaints.

The media watchdog received complaints from more than 50 viewers, and Ofcom eventually confirmed that racial violence scenes were the cause of the complaints.


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