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Coronation Street star Bill Roache takes on epic skydive at 91 years old


William “Bill” Roache, a star of Coronation Street, is evidence that, if you have an adventurous ambition in the back of your mind, you should try it out if you can.

On April 25, this year, the actor, who has been best known for playing Ken Barlow on the ITV soap opera since its debut in 1960, was 91.

The soap legend, who was not afraid to let his wild side out, made the decision to skydive for the first time ever in a pre-recorded episode made for Lorraine.

On Monday’s episode, the scene was aired, and Bill spoke to the camera about his motivation for taking on the task.

The actor joked that he would be skydiving, “hopefully with a parachute on” and a trainer by his side, and he acknowledged that his emotions were “all over the place.”

As he was demonstrating how to position his body during the skydiving while lying on the ground, he said, “But one dominant one is excitement.”

He clarified that he has heard other skydivers declare it to be “the best thing they had ever done in their lives.”

And I’m certain that I’ll be joining that group, he said.

In the video, Bill put on a harness and zipped himself up in his blue and yellow costume as Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away played in the background.

He smiled as he waited for the right time to take the leap of faith while sitting in the plane.

Even as the instructor was slowly guiding him out of the aircraft while being tied to his back, nothing could take away the smile from his face.

Bill and his partner jumped out of the jet as the song’s chorus played, twirling around upside down as the sun shone above them.

During the dive, he appeared to try to blow a kiss, but it was difficult to do so with his arms in the right angles and the wind rushing against his face.

Bill told the camera that the “amazing” trick had “taken his breath away” before he fell to the ground to cheers.

You find it pretty alarming and you can’t breathe. But it’s lovely when the parachute opens and you can see the magnificent panorama,’ he said.

You only need to slow down to understand how birds feel. It’s pretty fantastic.


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