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Coronation Street star ‘lucky’ to ‘still be’ on the show nearly 10 years after debut


Exclusive: Gemma Winter, who joined the ITV soap in 2014, has been a part of several significant storylines over the years.

Dolly-Rose Campbell, a star of Coronation Street, acknowledges that she didn’t anticipate remaining on the ITV soap for nearly ten years after making her debut.

Gemma is well-known to the show’s viewers for her distinct appearance, no-nonsense demeanor, and unwavering devotion to her twin brother Paul (Peter Ash).

The 36-year-old spoke with maiil.online and other media outlets about her extended stay on the program.

“No, I didn’t think I would still be here,” she said when asked if she had ever imagined being a part of Coronation Street for so long.

“I obviously only started for six episodes when I first started.

It served as a plot device to remove Kylie Turner (Paula Lane) from the program while Paul went to give birth.

“Really, it was just a six-episode short story for that. It’s wonderful to still be here after all this time.

“I’m very fortunate to still be here and have a ton of entertaining storylines to work on.”

Fans have been following Gemma’s revelation of her brother’s MND diagnosis in recent months.

The truth about Paul’s health condition was revealed at Gemma’s wedding to Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), despite Paul’s adamant efforts to keep it a secret from his family and friends.

Paul began to cry during his speech and left the room. Gemma followed and questioned him as he left.

Just as their mother Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) entered the room, her brother broke down in tears and admitted he was dying.

Regarding how Gemma will handle the circumstance, the soap star acknowledges that it will be difficult.

Paul has been there his entire life, and they are twins, not just brother and sister.

They have therefore been together their entire lives. Her strategy, in my opinion, would be to persevere.

Although they are a little bit of an eccentric family, they genuinely care for one another.

They support one another and care about each other. Therefore, I have no doubt that they will take care of him however they see fit.

In addition to having to deal with Paul’s health issues, Gemma has been having financial difficulties and has decided to start babysitting in order to make some extra money.

In upcoming scenes, Gemma will be watching Bertie, the son of Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), before her mother stops by to watch him for an hour while Gemma visits a café.

Though Gemma runs home in tears and briefly closes her eyes when Beth Tinker (Lisa George) criticizes her for laziness.

Bertie, however, empty her bag as she slumbers and discovers the antidepressants.

When Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and Daniel arrive to pick him up, they find Bertie has eaten the pills, which horrifies them.

ITV will continue to air Coronation Street at 8 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


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