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Coronation Street star opens up on ‘hard to film scenes’ ahead of exit


Faye Windass, played by Ellie Leech on Coronation Street, is scheduled to depart Weatherfield this week after residing there for 12 years.
Faye Windass, played by Ellie Leech in Coronation Street, settled in Weatherfield after Anna Windass, played by Debbie Rush, adopted her.

Faye has had several devastating episodes since her time on the cobbles, including a teenage pregnancy and the possibility of going to prison for a hit-and-run.

After her fiance Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) threatened to blackmail her on Friday night’s episode, the young woman has been torn between leaving her home with ex-boyfriend Jackson Hodge (Joseph William Evans) and daughter Miley Hodge (Frankie-Jae Simmonds) or sticking with her old life.

Ellie Leech recently discussed filming her final scenes with and other media outlets, admitting that they were “hard to film.”

Ellie stated of Colson Smith, who she co-starred with and with whom she filmed her final scene on the cobblestones, “Colson is my best pal.

No matter what setting we are in, whether we are laughing or crying because of a heartbreak, we are constantly laughing.

“Yes, he can be awful, but as soon as the tape is cut, the dialogue resumes. We have worked together for so long.

Because of how close we are as friends, I believe it is also a wonderful thing. Although the final moment was challenging to shoot, we can always return to normal later.

Craig snapped at Faye in the episode that aired on Friday night after she skipped his surprise party to meet with Jackson.

When he saw him sitting outside the Rovers on a seat, he asked, “Why go behind my back? You might have simply told me that you liked him.

I deserved that, didn’t I? I can’t believe I’m hearing this, but you were with Jackson! How could you treat me like this? After all, I did it to keep you safe.

Faye inquired in confusion as to what he was referring to before he angrily slammed: “You know very well. I might have ended up in jail.

“You go and snog your ex at the first chance you have, but I still took that chance to keep you safe because I love you that much. How foolish am I?

“You could have received at least 10 years. Right now, I want to go down to the police and tell them everything.

And yes, I would fall as well, but what difference does it make? Because it’s already the end of my life if you go off with him.

Faye cried out in terror, “I’m not leaving with him! I don’t want to go back to jail!” I declined, saying that I would rather stay with you.

If Craig learns she was considering leaving, will he contact the police?


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