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Coronation Street star Peter Ash responds to sadness over news that Paul will die


Currently, Paul Foreman is dying after being given a diagnosis of motor neurone illness as part of Peter Ash’s final Coronation Street plotline.

Arriving in 2018, Paul was initially depicted as David’s (Jack P Shepherd) cellmate. David was imprisoned for missing court, which he was required to attend after assaulting Gary (Mikey North).

After being freed, Paul went to Weatherfield and eventually made a home there with Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) who were also sharing a cobblestoned flat with him.

Paul has seen the doctor a number of times recently after suffering a hand injury that took a while to heal.

Paul’s hand’s lack of mobility was discovered to be a sign of motor neurone disease, and now he must confront the horrifying possibility that the condition would lead to his demise.

People have been very kind to tell me they don’t want me to go and things like that. Peter Ash recently remarked, “I really appreciate that, Corrie fans are amazing, it’s great.” Peter Ash was speaking of how the audience has responded to the narrative thus far.

‘Everyone’s been lovely,’ he continued. ‘It’s been pretty overwhelming. It’s incredibly moving to read messages from those who have lost loved ones and who are now caring for family members who have MND. I’m grateful for all the thoughtful comments we’ve received thus far.

Paul’s symptoms will progressively start to worsen as his health declines, thus Peter will need to change how he portrays his character in the movies.

He explained to us, “In scenes, I have to be careful that I’m not using my hand in certain scenarios, so as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I keep it in my pocket a lot. A) so I’m not tempted to use it on set. B) since Paul is trying to hide it, so it’s the perfect spot to put it in his pocket.

He finds it difficult to conceal his foot drop symptom now, which is why he doesn’t want to attend the wedding. It adds another layer of considerations to focus on the technical rather than the emotional aspects of acting.

Peter and a few of his co-stars recently met former rugby league player Rob Burrow, who received his MND diagnosis in 2019, to help with the plot.

Paul telling Billy about his failing health was another scenario that Peter and Daniel shot on the same day.

Filming those sequences was incredibly emotional, Peter continued, “particularly since we had just met Rob Burrow that afternoon after lunch.

Jane, who portrays Bernie, claimed that as she was waiting behind the stage for her turn to appear, the scenario was making her cry.

She was stating that she had to close her ears and think on something else because, of course, she is unsure at this point in the scene. It was emotional because the sequence was so nicely crafted.


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