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Coronation Street star rules out affair storyline as they don’t want to be ‘the enemy’


Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor, characters on Coronation Street, have a romantic past together and have grown closer recently.
Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has received a lot of support from Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan) in Coronation Street throughout his recuperation.

Since Justin Rutherford’s (Andrew Still) attack, Daisy has stood by his side, feeling terrible that he took the brunt of the acid that was meant for her.

Prior to the incident, Ryan was speaking with Crystal, who recruited him to visit Ibiza again and DJ and perform at their clubs.

Crystal informed Daisy that she didn’t have time for Ryan after visiting him in the hospital, and she left for Ibiza without informing Ryan.

Since then, Daisy has been emailing Ryan every day under the guise of Crystal in an effort to make him feel better about his circumstances.

According to popular theory, Ryan and Daisy will start dating, breaking the heart of Daisy’s partner Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

The two may wind up crying when Ryan realizes that Daisy has been forging Crystal’s messages.

Ryan Prescott, an actor, recently discussed his relationship with Daisy and dispelled rumors that they were having an affair.

In response to the question of whether dating the two of them would be a good idea, he said: “In a strange way, I think any relationship for Ryan would be a good idea because he is so lonely right now.

“Ryan’s natural reaction following his tragic experience has been to reach out and grab the relationships around him in an effort to ground himself.

“He tried to do the same with Crystal, but she isn’t responding, so he just feels so alone. He did it with Alya and experienced the heartache of that.

“He definitely has feelings for Daisy, but his self-esteem is so low, and the truth is that he respects Daniel and thinks he’s a great guy so he just wouldn’t want to get drawn into that in the wrong way,” the author says.

He just wants someone to care about him; he doesn’t want to be anyone’s adversary.

Charlotte Jordan recently discussed Daisy’s love for Ryan and stated to in April that Daisy would be going through a really difficult period.

She has neglected her own healing and is primarily concentrating on Ryan. She feels responsible for him, which will cause her emotions to become extremely tumultuous, confusing, and unpredictable.

The plot may then change into a “can you love two people at once? Therefore, there is a chance that things will happen between Ryan and Daisy, including sparks.

“Obviously, she’s with Daniel, which explains why there are so many complications, but there is absolutely a chance for complications in the future there.”


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