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Coronation Street star ‘so excited’ as they return after traumatic storyline


Exclusive: Lauren Bolton from Coronation Street moved away from Weatherfield at the beginning of the year to live with her mother.
Fans of the ITV soap opera will get to see the extremist gang member Reece’s daughter return to the streets after a lengthy absence.

Actress Cait expressed her excitement about the return of her character to and other media outlets.

It feels like I never left, which is such a wonderful feeling, she said. It’s an incredible place to work.

“I feel like I discovered a lot about myself the first time, and I got to work with some incredible people.

“I got to be a part of such a big storyline, so to hear I was returning, it was exciting,”

Lauren was intended to be a brief character who only served the plot.

“I was overjoyed to learn that she was returning. You can now see her in a different light as I can now further develop the character.

Yes, it wasn’t anticipated at all, but I was thrilled to learn the news.

Max Turner (Paddy Bever) was groomed into Griff Reynolds’ (Michael Condron) gang in order to spread racial hatred, and the troubled teen was a major factor in his downfall.

When the teens discovered Griff planned to blow up the cobbles at the Peace Festival, which would cause numerous casualties, they changed their minds and called the police.

Knowing her father Reece would be sentenced to prison, Lauren informed Max that she was departing for Devon out of concern that Griff would pursue her for upsetting his plans.

Max rejected the suggestion that they travel together and made the decision to remain in Weatherfield and deal with the fallout from his involvement.

Fans of Coronation Street have seen Max move on with newcomer Bec (Luana Santos), but when Lauren returns, he’ll have to fight his old emotions.

Regarding Lauren’s reaction to seeing Max dating someone new, Cait continued, “She wants Max to be happy but she does struggle to accept the reality of the situation.”

The hardest thing for Lauren to comprehend and accept is that she might not be the reason for his happiness.

“I do believe that the feelings toward Bec are simply the result of heartbreak; they are not motivated by hatred or spite.

She has returned and her entire world has just crumbled. Max was her last hope. She is utterly heartbroken.


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