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Coronation Street star teases future on the cobbles as they claim ‘I trust the writers’


Coronation Street writer Ian McLeod keeps the cast and the viewers on their toes with whose future will be sealed in Weatherfield, but one star has said she trusts the writers with her character’s future.
Coronation Street’s Jodie Prenger, who plays Glenda Shuttleworth in the ITV soap has opened up about her future on the show and how she doesn’t like to know what is coming in advance.

Glenda arrived on the cobbles last year as George Shuttleworth’s (played by Tony Maudsley) flamboyant sister.

She has since become one of the moving parts that hold the glue of the Rovers Return together alongside Jenny Connor (Sally-Ann Matthews) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Actress Jodie opened up about her future on the show and admitted she looks forward to finding out her future, trusting the writers.

Speaking on the Conversation Street podcast, Jodie was asked if Glenda would be happy staying as a barmaid or does she have ambitions to have her own pub someday.

Jodie explained: “I don’t… They can’t open a nightclub in Weatherfield! It is dangerous enough as it is, we can’t be doing none of that till 3am!

“I think the great thing with storylines there is you can either, some people go up and ask what is gonna happen, so they kind of know what is going to go on.

“I feel that what I have experienced in the past year is… I’m totally fine with trusting the writers and the producers and the team there.

“It is an absolute, phenomenal well-oiled machine. And the people who schedule it are not normal, they’re not right. Amazing people.”

However, Jodie has also recently admitted to feeling worried about Glenda’s future in Weatherfield as Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) tirade comes to an end.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she said: “Glenda has never liked him – ever since he took that £10 note! She clocks it, doesn’t she?

“I think Glenda goes on a gut reaction and I don’t think she thinks he’s good news. Of course, it’s a worry.

“Because you don’t know what’s going to happen! Imagine if he gets me? Everyone would have to say: ‘Glenda was right!’.”

Since Stephen returned from Milan, Glenda has always had her suspicions about the serial killer and made her feelings for him well and truly known.

Will Glenda live to see another year on the cobbles or has Jodie predicted her characters future?


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