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Coronation Street star ‘very sad’ as they leave ITV soap after ‘tough’ storyline


Aaron Sandford of Coronation Street has been adamant for weeks that he didn’t rape Amy Barlow and that they had a drunken affair.

James Craven, who plays Aaron Sandford on Coronation Street, has spoken out about leaving the ITV soap opera and how it made him feel “sad” to leave his co-stars and character behind.

It’s obviously very sad, but it’s been great fun, and I’ve really, really loved my time there, he said.

“I’ve made so many lifelong friends and met so many wonderful people. But I’m eager, I’m really, really eager to move forward and carry out other tasks.

James responded, “Yes, I do feel very proud. I knew from the beginning how much work I was going to put into it and I knew how much work everyone at Corrie has put into it.

“I feel very proud of it because I knew right away that the storyline would have a really positive ending in the long run.

I sincerely hope the fans have appreciated it and, more importantly, have given it some thought.

The stress of the libel case finally got to Elle Mulvaney’s character Amy Barlow, who decided to retract and apologize for her accusations of rape against Aaron Sandford (James Craven), during Friday night’s episode.

Instead of defending himself by saying he didn’t do it, Aaron said when presented with the note that it didn’t make sense and was making him look worse.

When Amy exploded and ordered Aaron to write the retraction himself, the realization hit Aaron that Amy had not given her consent to having sex with him.

He went up to Amy, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford), and explained that the libel case was being dropped and that no retraction was required.

His father came and picked him up before leaving Weatherfield and putting the controversy behind him. He then invited Aaron inside to hear him confess what he had done to her.

Amy reprimanded Aaron during his concluding scenes, saying, “You know, I actually… I actually thought that I needed to hear you say it.

“I believed I needed to hear you acknowledge it. Before storming out of the house, Aaron said, “But look at you, you know what you did.

And you have to live with that,” Amy continued as she followed him onto the street. You understand who you are.

He said, “I’m sorry,” as he got in the car, and Amy immediately started crying. Abi Franklin (Sally Carmen) rushed over for a hug.


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