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Coronation Street Tina O’Brien gushes over Adam Crofts amid rift with ex Ryan Thomas


In a gushing Instagram post on Friday, Coronation Street actress Tina O’Brien alleged that her husband Adam Crofts is her “everything.”

The 38-year-old actress relaxed while sipping wine on the train before sharing a string of text messages between the happy couple.

They both used the word “amazing” to describe one another, and Tina wrote that he had made her want to be “better, bolder, and braver” in response to claims that she had recently “smashed ex Ryan Thomas’ Range Rover with a baseball bat.”

In love: Tina O’Brien, 38, shared a gushing tribute to her husband Adam Crofts amid claims she ‘smashed ex Ryan Thomas’ Range Rover with a baseball bat’ on Friday
Gushing: The pair called each other ‘amazing’ as Tina penned that he had inspired her to be ‘better, bolder and braver’

For her outing, Tina dressed stylishly in a black bandeau top and a pale pink blazer.

She added the romantic texts to her Story along with the caption, “He is my everything.”

Tina wrote to her husband on WhatsApp, “You’re amazing and you inspire me to be better, bolder, and braver.”

Family: A second text read: ‘One day I’ll be as bad*** as you, but thank you for being my mentor without even knowing you are’ (Pictured with their son, Beau, seven)

‘One day I’ll be as bad*** as you, but thank you for being my mentor without even realizing it,’ the second read.

The couple, who got married in 2018, have a seven-year-old son named Beau Lee Stephen Crofts.

This occurs at the same time that Tina’s ex Ryan allegedly demanded £1,000 from her for allegedly smashing his Range Rover with a baseball bat.

After a fight last month, Tina is alleged to have removed a wing mirror and scratched the paint on her ex-partner’s car.

Husband and wife: The pair, who married in 2018, share one son together, Beau Lee Stephen Crofts, aged seven

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, Ryan will charge Tina for the work she did to his car. She attacked it with a baseball bat and did about £1,000 worth of damage.

“The wing mirror is a write-off and the paintwork needs attention.” Ryan was deeply disturbed by Tina’s actions and doesn’t want any more conflict between them.

But with regard to the price he was forced to pay, he wants her to make things right. Although there is a great deal of tension as a result of this incident, Ryan wants to move on.

Tina and Ryan’s representatives have been contacted by MailOnline for comment.

Stunning: Tina looked stylish as she donned a pale pink blazer and black bandeau top for her outing

The couple, who portrayed Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt on Coronation Street, dated for six years before splitting up in 2009.

Last weekend, after Tina had spent the evening with friends, it is said that tensions between the two reached a breaking point. The car’s wing mirror allegedly came off, and the paintwork was scratched.

The relationship between Ryan and Tina is tumultuous, a source told The Sun. They don’t get along, and the tension eventually erupted.

When he pulled up, Tina, who was at a friend’s house party, came out into the street to greet him. His car was hit with the baseball bat shortly after that.

Exes: This comes as Ryan Thomas has reportedly told Tina that she must pay him £1,000 for allegedly smashing his Range Rover with a baseball bat (pictured with Ryan in 2008)

It was a very unsettling incident, and Ryan sped away as soon as he could, they continued. Since then, they haven’t spoken, and Ryan is upset.

The ‘fragile thread’ that was holding Tina and Ryan’s relationship together has broken, according to a second source who said they hardly speak any longer.

The day after the alleged incident, Ryan, a former Celebrity Big Brother winner who is currently expecting his second child with 30-year-old reality star Lucy Mecklenburgh, is said to have taken the car to be repaired.

After she broke up with fellow Coronation Street cast member Bruno Langley in 2003, Tina started dating Ryan.

He claimed he no longer loved me, Tina recalled when the couple broke up in 2009. That was what he said. I was inconsolable.

Tina eventually fell in love and wed Adam Crofts on New Year’s Eve of 2018.

In 2017, a year after leaving Coronation Street, Ryan met Lucy while filming Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island.

Happy family: Ryan shares son Roman with fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh and the couple are expecting their second child together


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