Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street viewers demand resident ‘needs to go’ after ‘rude’ Roy Cropper swipe


The Monday night episode of Coronation Street featured Isabella making fun of Roy Cropper in his own cafe, leaving viewers less than impressed.

Fans of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street have begged the show to fire Isabella (played by Flaminia Cinque) after she reprimanded Roy Cropper (David Neilson) in his own cafe.

In the episode that aired on Monday night, Isabella called Roy a “fussy little man” after he asked her not to paint her nails.

Isabella spilled the bottle while trying to finish painting her nails and accused Roy of “distracting” her as a result.

Jane Hazlegrove, a cafe employee, was rudely ordered by the woman to clean up the mess.

However, viewers were incensed by the way she addressed the enduring character, and many expressed their outrage on Twitter.

The comment by LouiseHazeldine reeled in: “This Italian woman needs to leave. Roy cannot tolerate the way you are speaking to him. When you need Stephen, where is he?

As Kaytweets_x put it, “How dare evil Isabella speak to Roy like that”

“How dare she call Roy a fussy little man,” Teenamassam continued.Roy, keep her out of the cafe.

“Oi, Isabella, don’t file your bloody nails in the café!” yelled ADADAPPADAN. What a vile woman! People don’t want to eat your nail powder.

Isabella is a terrible woman, HarryFan4Life_ tweeted.

Demelcy continued, “Isabella is a complete annoyance.”

The Italian cousin of Brian Packham (Peter Gunn), who moved to Weatherfield in May, has upset a lot of the locals, including Brian’s close friend Mary Taylor (Patti Clare).

Although Isabella’s visit was only meant to be temporary, she found out on Monday night that her apartment renovations would take longer than anticipated, so she will have to stay for an additional two weeks.

Mary decided it was time to work with Roy to come up with a plan to try and get her out of Weatherfield after realizing Brain was getting tired of her bluntness.

Fans saw Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) realize that Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Midgeley) had been catfishing him the entire time in another scene from the soap opera.

This month Ryan learned that someone had been impersonating Crystal, his love interest, who had secretly rejected him following the acid attack.

Daisy has been posing as the Ibiza DJ because she doesn’t want to offend him, but things got complicated when the two friends shared a kiss as feelings began to grow between them.

He will question Daisy about her catfishing as she tries to defend doing it with his best interests in mind, according to official spoilers.

But enraged, he insists that it’s high time her fiancé Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) was made aware of their illicit kissing.


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