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Coronation Street viewers ‘work out’ Jacob Hay return as Damon makes unexpected exit


After getting into drug trouble, Jacob Hay was expelled from Weatherfield earlier this year by his criminal father Damon.

After his father abruptly left the cobbles on Friday night, Jacob Hay (played by Jack James Ryan) is thought to be making a comeback, according to Coronation Street viewers.

Since his father’s threats to him and his girlfriend Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) were the only reason Jacob left, nothing appears to be preventing him from going back.

@CaroleAnn1982 tweeted: “If Damo goes, can Jacob please come back #corrie.”

“Now send young Jacob back to us #corrie,” demanded @floweroflondon.

RT @JamieSummersTV: “Now you understand how Damon felt. Kn*d.”

What goes around, comes around, according to @Unsworth1live. Please consider what you did to Jacob.

The tweet from @Homebrew19721 read, “Jacob can come now that his waste of space dad is leaving.”

In addition, @Itzzzo_ said, “Haha Damon, now you know how your son Jacob felt.”

Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), who visited someone from Damon’s past, forced Damon to leave Weatherfield for his own safety.

After discovering Damon was having an affair with his wife Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), Adam has been seeking revenge.

Adam lied and said he was going to call the police to get a lighter sentence for his role in insurance fraud after finding a criminal contact of Damon’s.

Adamn advised his adversary to leave the cobblestones before he discovered himself a dead man, and the criminal believed the lie.

Damon left Sarah a voicemail while pretending to steal some cash from the Bistro, not realizing Adam had already heard the message and deleted it.

Since Tina admitted to having an affair with Damon, it’s obvious that Adam has found it difficult to trust her as a result of the betrayal, and many people wonder whether or not their relationship will endure.

Actor Sam Robertson expressed his desire for Tina and Adam to have a happy ending in an interview with about their dynamic.

“I would have loved to see them start a family and live happily together,” he said.

“I enjoy working with Tina and think she’s fantastic. However, it’s clear that the writing staff and audience want to see that conflict.

I just hope they have a period of time where their relationship is tender again and they can be kind to one another and happy if they decide to stay together.


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