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Coronation Street viewers ‘work out’ next victim on Stephen Reid’s killing spree


As tensions inside the Platt family reach a breaking point, the Weatherfield serial murderer might be set to carry out his third murderous attack.
Viewers saw how David Platt (played by Jack P Shepherd) attempted to assist with his son Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) current arrest charge on Monday’s episode of Coronation Street. When David needed money to meet with a lawyer to try to get his kid out of jail, he went to his family. However, when Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) became involved, viewers were worried the steadfast man may become his next victim.

Fans of Coronation Street have seen Max join Griff Reynolds’ (Michael Condron) racist gang over the past few months.

After making videos that were used in an incident at the Speed Daal, the adolescent was recently charged with inciting attempted murder.

The gang boss hired Max to produce negative propaganda videos, and as a result, extremist Blake Myers (Adam Little) last week attacked Alya Nazir (Sair Khan).

David’s father was eager to establish his son’s innocence because the allegation against his son had been changed from incitement to terrorism.

In a meeting with a lawyer on Monday’s episode, she informed David that Max was groomed by Griff and will likely be able to defend himself in court.

David asked Gail (Helen Worth) and Audrey (Sue Nicholls) for some extra cash even though her charges were quite high.

Audrey admitted that if she could release equity from her home, she’d consider helping the teen after his crime, but Gail wasn’t sure if she wanted to.

However, Stephen spoke with his mother and persuaded her not to aid Max since he wanted his lies and deception to go unnoticed by his family.

Later on in the house, David was left in shock by Audrey’s change of heart as it became apparent that Stephen had a hand in her reversal.

After shoving Stephen into the cupboard in the kitchen, David was incensed and yelled at him for getting involved in a situation he shouldn’t have.

Despite some fears that he would end up on the serial killer’s hit list, onlookers quickly supported David as a fight broke out in the kitchen.

RyanTheSoapking posted the following on Twitter: “David is acting violently at Stephen. David Stephen is a killer, so take caution. #Corrie”

“Stephen going to bin David #Corrie,” wrote Homebrew19721.

As much as David irritates me, Toniearlybird continued, “I don’t want him to become Stephen’s next victim. The nephew has no idea with whom he is dealing: “#Corrie”

“Hmmmm!” wrote Mobrees. What is Stephen’s current plan for Audrey’s home? In order to slow things down, he will now have to kill Audrey, David, or the lawyer.

Is David the next victim on s***y killer Stephen’s hit list?, asked Mikepriestley13.

“Oh my David don’t go near any bins with Stephen FFS,” tweeted user Stevebethere

According to actor Todd Boyce, every character on the serial is scared of drawing Stephen’s wrath, as reported by and other media.

The same folks frequently question me, “So how long are you going to be on the show for,” he stated.

“Because the same individual has asked me three or four times, I believe! They are really stressing out about it, so I just need to know.

“Do you believe you’re going to kill that person, I’m asked, in relation to rumors about people I don’t think I would kill. They are anxious and nervous.”

Leo Thompkins, played by Joe Frost, was slain by Stephen in the soap opera so far when he threatened to tell the family the truth about his falsehoods.

Even though Stephen claimed Leo had left the country, Teddy Thompkins, Stephen’s father (Grant Burgin), didn’t believe him.

Teddy was his second victim after coming close to discovering the truth that the businessman was responsible for his disappearance.


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