Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street villain ‘quits’ ITV soap after horrific storyline


After just one year on the cobblestones, Coronation Street actor James Craven is apparently leaving the ITV soap.

As the rapist Aaron Sandford, James Craven made his Coronation Street debut last year.

Aaron’s shocking rape of Amy Barlow (played by Elle Mulvaney) earlier this year after she dozed off after a night of drinking appalled soap opera viewers.

After the police did nothing, Amy decided to expose Aaron by posting about what he had done to her on social media.

Then, in order to get Amy and the Barlows to remove the post and clear Aaron’s name, he and his father engaged in an expensive court battle.

Due to Aaron’s father’s mistreatment of her family, Amy felt compelled to delete the post.

Aaron and his father, however, felt that merely removing the post was insufficient and demanded a complete retraction.

Aaron has lied and has rejected the idea that he could be accountable for such a terrible act.

According to reports, the actor who portrays Aaron has already shot his last scenes for Coronation Street.

ITV has been contacted by Express.co.uk for comment on the departure.

In the upcoming weeks, the moments are anticipated to play out on screens.

“James has loved his time on the cobbles, and who wouldn’t want to play a villain on Corrie?” The Sun was told by a source.

However, there is always a shelf life when playing a character like Aaron, and the time has come for him to leave.

The actor is apparently “focused on the future” and has “made great friends” on the soap opera.

He admitted earlier this year that the gritty Amy narrative was difficult for him.

James said, “It was always obvious to me that what he did was wrong.

“However, I tried to consider things from his perspective, and he simply doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong.

He genuinely feels he is innocent, which is why he responds and defends himself in the manner that he does.


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