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Coronation Street wedding as Gemma and Chesney tie the knot with sweet nod to deaf son


EXCLUSIVE: This month, viewers of the ITV serial Coronation Street will finally get to see Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown get married. Dolly Rose Campbell, an actress, revealed behind-the-scenes details from the day they shot the ceremony in advance of their nuptials.
The character of Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) will tie the knot with Chesney Brown (Sam Aston), the father of her children, the following week.

However, Gemma is devastated when her brother Paul (Peter Ash) says he won’t be going because of their recent argument.

According to confirmed spoilers, Paul is urged to attend his twin’s wedding by Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) as wedding preparations get under way.

All is forgiven when Joseph (William Flanagan) admits that Gemma has been crying and Paul promptly apologizes for his outburst.

Paul continues to try to conceal his MND symptoms so that no one will notice as he leads her down the aisle in an eye-catching orange wedding gown.

After they exchange vows, everything seems to be going well as they carry on the celebrations.

However, may Gemma experience tragedy on the day of her dreams if Paul rushes out dragging his foot after becoming overcome with emotion during his speech?

Actress Dolly-Rose provided some details on what viewers might anticipate happening during the big Coronation Street wedding in an interview with and other media.

The serial star revealed of her avant-garde outfit: “I was just blown away by the clothing. It truly is a piece of art.

“The amount of detail is just beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Dolly claimed that the famed drag designer Liquorice Black produced the dress especially for her.

Dolly-Rose admitted that she had grand plans for Gemma’s outfit, saying, “He works with Drag Race, he’s been exhibited in quite a few galleries, so to get him to do it, I was overjoyed.”

Due to the deafness of Aled (Joseph Woods), one of Gemma’s quadruplets, there is an interpreter at the wedding, and Dolly-Rose said that there is a hidden sign language exchange that viewers might miss during the event.

“I don’t know if it will be caught, but Cherylee Houston (Izzy Armstrong) can sign as well in the wedding,” she remarked.

So, with the interpreter in the background, she was signing.

She was explaining to the interpreter that she had been dying the dress in her bath, which had turned it orange, when I turned to look at her.

“That was their conversation, but I don’t know if the whole conversation will be seen or if any, you’d have to know sign to be able to catch it.”


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