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Coronation Street’s Aggie Bailey in more financial trouble as she struggles to impress


After Ed gambled them into debt, Aggie and Ed Bailey from Coronation Street have been attempting to get their financial lives back on track.

Aggie, Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), and Dee-Dee Bailey (Shannique Sterling-Brown) will appear in upcoming scenes at Yvette’s charity auction.

Aggie places a £3,000 bid for a summerhouse under Yvette’s pressure and while maintaining the pretense that she is still as wealthy as she was when they first met.

She intended to demonstrate to Yvette that she still had the means to flaunt it, but she anticipates competition from another eager suitor.

But when Yvette drops the hammer and declares it sold before anyone else has a chance, Aggie is horrified.

Will Aggie be honest with her about her financial situation? Or will she keep up the act and find the cash somewhere else?

Patrick and Yvette were guests of Aggie and Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) last week for dinner.

They didn’t realize they were in Sally and Tim Metfcalfe’s (Joe Duttine) house, which was being used as a rental at the time.

Tim was standing on the stairs in a pink dressing gown when Yvette and Patrick arrived early, contrary to the original plan for Aggie and Ed to host without Sally and Tim being present.

Aggie explained that the couple frequently visits to use their hot tub in the garden after managing to sort through the confusion.

Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) quickly led Tim outside, and she extended an invitation to Sally to join the two couples for a drink.

Sally had hoped that Yvette would compliment her house, but when she was at a loss for words, she was devastated.

Following her accusation that Tim and Aggie were having an affair, Sally was initially hesitant to allow Aggie and Ed to use their house.

After Tim revealed his incompetence following his heart surgery, Aggie and Tim grew close. Aggie even introduced them to a sex expert.

2019 saw Ed and Aggie downsize from their Alderley Edge home and relocate to Weatherfield.

The family had been struggling financially due to Ed’s gambling addiction when they decided to move.


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