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Coronation Street’s Amy Barlow makes life-changing decision ahead of Aaron lawsuit


After being raped by Aaron Sandford, Amy Barlow of Coronation Street has been desperate to try and move on with her life.

After her ordeal with Aaron Sandford (James Craven) in Coronation Street, Amy Barlow (Ellen Mulvany) has been finding it difficult to resume her normal life.

Amy hasn’t been able to return to school or feel secure when going around the streets since the rape.

To make matters worse, Amy is being sued by Aaron and his father Eric Sandford (Craig Cheetham) for defamation of Aaron’s name and reputation.

Amy will declare in subsequent moments that she wants to start over and concentrate on her studies to Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby).

But Amy confesses she’s considering quitting when her tutor informs her that she must retake the entire year owing to her subpar grades.

Summer tries to uplift Amy after she tells her the bad news by reminding her that by beginning again with the year, they’ll be starting together.

Will Amy agree to start the year over knowing that there will be someone there to make her year easier?

Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) informs Amy that because she was also raped, she understands what she is going through.

After spending time getting to know each other and talking about their emotions, Toyah suggests Amy make an appointment with a counselor.

Will she finally decide to seek treatment from a professional?

To worsen the situation In case they lose the lawsuit, Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) must find a way to raise the money.

As a backup plan, Tracy starts to consider selling the florist, which would leave Summer, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) without a place to live.

Summer rips a strip off Aaron while Amy attends a meeting with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), who is examining the specifics of the libel lawsuit.

She emphasizes that Amy and her family are taking a huge risk as a result of his refusal to accept the reality.

Will Amy carry through the plan despite her erratic emotions, knowing what is in store for her and how it will affect everyone?


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