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Coronation Street’s Chesney Brown betrays Gemma Winter in wedding drama


Chesney Brown of Coronation Street has been preparing for his nuptials to Gemma Winter, and although they are happy to be getting married, they have had a lot of financial difficulty.

Sam Aston’s character Chesney and Dolly-Rose Campbell’s character Gemma on Coronation Street frequently struggle to make ends meet.

Because of this, the couple’s impending wedding is very important to them, and they want to be able to have the best day possible.

Official ITV soap opera spoilers, however, reveal that Chesney will defy Gemma’s wishes. Will they be able to move on from the incident?

With their younger quads and Joseph Brown (William Flanagan), Chesney’s child from a previous relationship with Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote), they have a large family to support.

Despite Bernie Winter’s (Jane Hazlegrove) best efforts to provide for her grandchildren, Gemma’s family frequently has to make sacrifices in order to survive.

Last year, Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard) appeared on the cobblestones.

Linda argued that because she is the mother of Chesney’s late ex-girlfriend Katy, she ought to be more involved in Joseph’s life.

She clearly enjoys a more opulent lifestyle and has more to offer the family than Bernie, who dislikes Linda.

In yet-to-air scenes, Linda shows up at the wedding after receiving an invitation from Gemma, who believes it’s crucial for her to attend.

Gemma is overjoyed when she offers to cover the cost of the catering, but Bernie is furious.

Later, Gemma implores Chesney to head over to the charity shop where Roy Cropper (David Neilson) claims there are a few suits that should fit both Joseph and him.

Linda discovers Chesney and Joseph wearing their awful 1970s wedding suits after their trip to the charity shop and offers to buy them new ones.

When Gemma gets home, the two are admiring their new clothes. Will she discover that Chesney went against her wishes and accepted Linda’s offer?

Gemma is content to pay whatever amount is necessary for the wedding and to enjoy the day as it is because she is aware of how much they struggle.

She might feel betrayed to learn that Chesney has permitted Linda to spend money on nicer clothing when she had previously advised him to stick with the charity shop suits.

Roy would probably notice that the suits weren’t the ones he’d seen in the stores, so Chesney might end up lying to Gemma about them.

If he tells Gemma about this, she might conclude that Linda bought the clothes.

Will the wedding still go on smoothly if she finds out that Chesney betrayed her and then lied about it? She is sure to be hurt.


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