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Coronation Street’s Craig Tinker to blackmail Faye over relationship with Jackson


Faye Windass of Coronation Street is about to leave the cobbles, but her boyfriend Craig Tinker is attempting to convince her otherwise, so there will be more drama for the young mother.

Faye Windass, a young character on Coronation Street played by Ellie Leech, has been struggling with her emotions lately.

The three of them have grown closer as a family after spending more time with her daughter Miley Hodge (Frankie-Jae Simmonds) and ex-boyfriend Jackson Hodge (Joseph William Evans).

After accepting a new job, Jackson recently asked Faye to move to Slough with him and Miley, but she had just gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend Craig Tinker (Colson Smith).

Faye has declined, trying to concentrate on her relationship with Craig, but she can’t seem to get rid of the feelings she gets around Jackson.

In upcoming scenes, Faye is expected to leave Weatherfield, but will Craig make her life more difficult by extorting her to stay?

Ellie Leech recently discussed the upcoming storyline with and other media outlets, and she revealed that Faye will begin to see Craig in a different light.

Since he is always so nice and everything is just la-di-da with him, she continued, “I mean, I think everyone knows that Craig is this kind of fun-loving character.

“So I think she definitely wonders, ‘Where has this person come from, who is this person?’ and, as much as it motivates her to stay because she’s afraid of that person leaving, I think it also pushes her farther and farther away.

She doesn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is effectively blackmailing her, but she also can’t break it off because then people will find out what really happened.

She also worries about returning to prison, which she would never want to do, so I believe she has a different perspective on him.

The alleged blackmail stems from the three years Faye spent behind bars after hitting Adam Barlow (Samuel Robertson) while mistaking him for her abuser Ray Crosby (Mark Frost).

After becoming accustomed to life without Miley and giving Jackson sole custody of her, Faye accepted an offer to work as a trainee manager for Ray’s chain of hotels and restaurants.

Things changed, though, in October 2020 when Scott Emberton (Tom Roberts) and Ray kidnapped her and held her hostage at the Viaduct Bistro.

Craig, who was trying to save her because she was in danger, was shot but miraculously survived, and the two continued dating as a result of the incident.

When Faye and Ray were alone in the bistro later that year in December, Ray again forced himself on her. This time, Ray was inappropriate and blackmailed Faye into having sex with him.

Adam was drinking alone in a bar when Faye came back in, thought he was Ray, and hit him in the head with a trophy, knocking him out for several weeks.

Faye initially attempted to cover up her actions, but she eventually told Gary—who had vowed to look out for her—and revealed that the weapon was hidden under her bed.

Gary was caught by Craig while attempting to steal the trophy from the house and was then taken into custody.

Ray’s sexual assault on Faye could not be used as a defense because Ray’s trial had not yet started. As a result, Faye was sentenced to three years in prison. This forced her to confess to the police in order to protect him.

Will Criag use the threat of their shared secret to make Faye stay in order to prevent her from leaving?


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