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Coronation Street’s Daisy ‘constantly’ let down by police as Justin plans horrific revenge


Exclusive: Daisy Midgeley from Coronation Street has experienced stalking over the past few months, with little to no assistance from the police. Actress Charlotte Jordan recently gave her opinion on the plot.

Viewers of Coronation Street have witnessed the stalker Justin Rutherford’s harassment and torment of bartender Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan) for the previous few months. (Andrew Still). The authorities have been of no assistance, despite my repeated requests. Actress Charlotte Jordan discussed the ITV soap’s recurring police letdown in an interview with

After originally beginning with sending her flowers and texts to tracking her every step, Justin’s stalking has gotten worse over the past few weeks.
The bartender made the decision to report the stalker to the police as things got worse, but things didn’t turn out the way she had hoped.
When discussing the current scenario with a police officer, he appeared to downplay Justin’s actions and said there was nothing they could do because he hadn’t committed a crime.
Daisy recently made the decision to take matters into her own hands despite one officer encouraging her to obtain a protection order against Justin.

She and her fiancé Daniel Osbourne came up with a scheme because she realized that the police wouldn’t intervene until her stalker had attacked her physically. (Rob Mallard).
Intending to provoke him by calling him a freak, Justin lunged at Daisy as Daniel passed by with PC Craig Tinker (Colson Smith), who immediately took him into custody.
In the terrifying plot leading up to that point, actress Charlotte discussed the ongoing disappointment her character has had.
She has been following all instructions given to her by the police, attorneys, and others, the soap opera star claimed.

However, she sort of just decides to try and take matters into her own hands and try to have some control over the situation when nothing goes in her favor.She’s the kind of character who will fight back and not just crumble when you feel like you’re in a tight spot, which is perhaps not the wisest course of action.She plans to con Justin, and it succeeds in getting him arrested.
She believes that even though it was a risky and fundamentally pointless thing to do, it was worthwhile because he was finally detained, which hasn’t happened before.

The stalker will, however, return to Weatherfield in a scene that will air the following week, just in time for Daisy’s nuptials.
When asked how the bartender feels about his escape from police custody, Charlotte responded, “I don’t believe she’s hugely surprised by it. She feels repeatedly let down by the cops in this tale.She hopes he remains imprisoned, but he has managed to escape once more. Although not overly startled, she is extremely disappointed.
Daisy will attempt to concentrate on her big day with Daniel despite the fact that her stalker has once more managed to elude law enforcement, ignorant of the terrible plot Justin has in store.


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